10 Ways to Get Gorgeous Buttocks

Do you have excess fat on your hips that you need to burn?

It is possible to accelerate fat loss with exercise routines that burn calories. Try to do single movement exercises to develop the muscles in the back.

By combining your exercise plan with healthy eating plans, you can make your hips the way you want. Exercises 1-5 try to combine them with calorie-burning cardio exercises and strength training exercises 6-10.

Get Gorgeous Buttocks

Climb the Stairs

Stay away from the elevators. Take the stairs whenever possible to burn calories and improve fitness.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, even walking a small amount of stairs provided significant health benefits to a group of young women.

In their first week, the women climbed stairs at 90 steps per minute for 2 minutes each time, five days a week, once a day. By the seventh and eighth weeks, they started climbing the stairs five times a day.

That equates to just 10 minutes of exercise daily, but enough to make a difference.

Take a Nature Walk

The benefits of hiking are similar to climbing stairs. If you also climb with the same relative intensity, there won’t be much difference in calorie burn between hiking and climbing stairs.

You can increase the effectiveness of your work by adding hill climbing to your adventure. Remember that each upward step will provide a slimmer structure in the hips.

Rock Climbing

Looking for an exercise that burns lots of calories and works the whole body?

Rock climbing burns almost twice as many calories as hiking and climbing stairs. You can learn how to climb safely using climbing walls.

Your problem-solving abilities will also work as you try to figure out how to climb each route, which means you’re training your mind.


HIIT exercises are a transitional exercise method in which fast exercises are performed in conjunction with each other.

Even a 4-minute HIIT workout makes a difference in health and fitness. You can increase this time to 20-30 minutes to burn more calories.

Add one or two exercises for each of your major muscle groups to your HIIT routine. You should have 12-15 exercises in your routine. Complete each exercise in 30 seconds with plenty of effort. Rest for 10 minutes before moving on to the next exercise.

For a hip-focused workout, do the following single-action targeted exercises. Do one or two other exercises in between each glute exercise. As part of HIIT, try:

  • jumping jack
  • exam
  • crunch
  • jogging where you are
  • leg lift
  • bottom
  • plank


In yoga classes that contain fast movements, there are usually HIIT-like exercise processes within each movement.

Check out 15-20 minutes of challenging, interlinked yoga classes that will make you sweat.

Many yoga classes also include deep stretches to increase flexibility and comfort.


Start with bodyweight squats:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Keep both arms straight in front of you for balance
  • Slowly lower your hips towards the floor
  • Don’t let your knees cross your toes
  • Imagine that you are slowly sitting in the chair. Squat until your knees are at 90 degrees. Make sure that the knees are not bent in the middle. They should be aligned with your feet.
  • Stand up slowly for 1 rep.

As you get stronger, you can hold dumbbells in your hands to increase the difficulty of the squat.

Chair Posture

Sitting is not good for strengthening the glutes, but things change if you have nothing to sit on. Use this squat-like yoga exercise for strength like this:

  • Keep your back to a wall.
  • Open your feet hip-width apart.
  • Join your arms and stretch them forward.
  • Slowly slide your back down the wall and bring your knees to 90 degrees. Do not let the knees go past the tips of the feet and keep their alignment.
  • Stay like this for 30 seconds.

You can make this move even more challenging without the wall. This is called the chair pose in yoga. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Extend your arms at ear level. Pretend to sit on a chair in the air. Your knees should not exceed the line of your toes.


Lunge may seem like a simple move, but it’s effective in shaping the hips.

  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Take a big step back.
  • Bend your front knee 90 degrees.
  • Lower your back knee toward the floor.
  • Raise your back heel and your back foot just resting on the sole.
  • Step your back foot forward.
  • Returning to the starting position is 1 repetition.
  • Repeat on the other side.

You can increase the intensity by holding dumbbells in your hands.


  • Stand in the middle of two benches of equal height.
  • Step to the side and step onto the bench.
  • Return to the middle starting position before stepping to the other side.

Hold dumbbells in your hand to increase the energy burn.


  • Stand on your arms and knees.
  • Place your knees at hip level, hip-width apart.
  • Place your hands at shoulder width.
  • Keep your wrists at shoulder level.
  • Extend your right leg back, toes pointing down. Raise the leg until it is in line with your back.
  • Lower your leg and complete 1 rep.
  • Do 5 reps on one side, then switch to the other side.

Next Steps

Adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week or 75 minutes of more difficult aerobic exercise. It is also recommended to practice strength exercises that will work for all major muscle groups on two power days a week.

Things like rock climbing, HIIT, speed yoga include both types of exercise. They accelerate the heart, strengthen the muscles.

Burning more calories allows you to lose fat. Building muscle not only increases the calorie burn but also shapes the hips.

If you combine your regular exercise with healthy eating habits, you can get the hip you want that will look great in a swimsuit.

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