13 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Increasing low testosterone levels naturally is essential for those aiming for lean muscle mass. These levels are altered by malnutrition, inactivity, and the use of products containing estrogen mimics. Moreover, it gradually decreases every year with age, and its deficiency becomes evident in middle age. As a result, frustrating situations such as belly fat, muscle loss, weakness and decreased desire occur. However, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone with regular exercise and foods that increase testosterone! Now, to answer the question of how to increase testosterone naturally, let’s take a closer look at what testosterone is for.

Testosterone, or colloquially known as the male hormone, is a symbol of strength and power, forming the male body structure. A strong man not only has strong muscles, but also strong bones. Because this androgenic hormone prevents bone resorption and its deficiency increases the risk of osteoporosis in men. Muscles and bones weaken in men with low total or free testosterone levels. Moreover, the downsides of low levels don’t just end there.

Especially in men, breast enlargement, less hair growth, leatheriness, weight gain and insomnia problems break out. As a result of all these, stress or depression is inevitable. Although this is a cycle and as the stress level increases, the sex hormone released from the testicles decreases. However, many mistakes made in daily life also cause a decrease in male hormone. For example, alcohol use, insufficient animal protein intake and excessive caffeine consumption are just some of them. So, those who do not have beards, have little or no hair should look carefully at these mistakes. Here is everything you wonder about the male hormone!

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

What is Testosterone? What Does It Do?

In fact, most men are unaware of the positive effects of testosterone on overall health, muscle strength, life satisfaction and well-being! Undoubtedly, life is different and more colorful for men who manage to optimize this hormone. Also, with optimum testosterone, a solid sense of confidence emerges to control life and cope with stress.

Similarly, in the animal kingdom, high testosterone means dominance in battle. For example, a muscle-packed rhino is a testosterone bomb, and no creature would dare to fight it. This is true for humans as well, and high testosterone is associated with independence and courage. Of course, this is more evident in two men who want to get a woman. So what does testosterone mean?

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid and the primary male sex hormone. It is responsible for physical changes, especially during adolescence. However, it enables a young man to grow into an adult man and reach all kinds of maturity. In addition, the hormone testosterone is very valuable in terms of building muscle mass, reducing fat stores, increasing masculinity or strength.

In men, most of it is secreted from the testicles and has an active role in sperm production. About 10% of the total level in the blood is produced by the adrenal glands. Although it is also called male hormone, not only men but also women produce it. Of course, it is found in lesser amounts in women than in men.

Testosterone is a hormone that not only men but also women need in the right amount for mental health and physical performance.

The brain sends a chemical signal to the hypothalamus. In response, the hypothalamus secretes a chemical messenger called gonadotropin (GnRH), which is picked up by the pituitary gland .

Two hormones, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), are released from the pituitary gland. These two signals reach Leydig cells in the testicles and thus testosterone production occurs. Apart from some congenital deficiencies, increasing hormone production largely depends on the behavior of the man.

Undoubtedly, the most important of these is nutrition because steroid hormones such as estrogen and testosterone contain cholesterol in their structure. In other words, consumption of foods containing natural cholesterol is of great importance for healthy hormone balance. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that inadequate intake of animal foods is associated with low testosterone. It should be noted that this also applies to some hormones such as vitamin D and aldosterone.

Leg Raise

What is Free and Total Testosterone?

Testosterone released into the blood binds to sex hormone binding globulin and albumin or remains in its free form. When it is sufficient, this process works in reverse. The pituitary reaches the signal that the amount of free testosterone is excessive. LH and FSH production slows down.

Total testosterone is the sum of the levels of all types of testosterone found in the blood. There are 3 forms of male hormone that participate in the circulatory system:

  1. Free Testosterone (Bioactive): It is the most active form that acts on the target organ. It is usually at the level of 2% of the total value.
  2. Albumin-Bound Testosterone: It supports the free form in the blood. Since the bond is loose, as the freeform level decreases, it separates from the album and becomes free. It can play a biologically active role. It constitutes 40-60% of the total value.
  3. Globulin-Bounded Testosterone: Sex hormone-binding globulin accounts for 40-60% of total testosterone. The bond is tight and cannot be released. So it cannot play a biological role. It increases with age in conditions such as hyperthyroidism or cirrhosis.

As a result, the sum of the free and albumin-bound forms is a bioactive androgen. In other words, these two forms have the ability to affect living tissues, physiological and cellular activities.


How Much Free and Total Testosterone in the Blood Should Be?

It is not always correct to only look at the total value in blood values. Even if the total value is normal, free form values ​​may not be normal in some cases. These include thyroid problems or problems with growth hormone.

The reference values ​​for the levels of male hormones in the blood of a healthy man are as follows.

What should total testosterone be?

In normal men, its levels are between 400-600 ng/dl.

How much should free testosterone be?

According to many experts, it is between 25-30 picograms in healthy men.

  • Testosterone test should be done in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Fullness or fatigue can affect measurements.

What Does Testosterone Do?

With age, the hormone testosterone takes on different roles. In the early stages of life, bone formation is vital to sex and the brain. It has a key role in preserving muscle mass, healthy brain chemistry and reproductive function in the future. It is all thanks to him that the voice becomes thicker at a young age, the body hair becomes prominent and all masculine features emerge.

Optimum levels of male hormones stimulate the mind and mood and increase self-confidence. Of course, that’s not the only thing that enlivens! It provides an environment that accelerates muscle building, you get more efficiency from exercise and you have a healthy heart. High energy, strong bones and strong cravings and hardness as well as iron effort!

Stretching After Workout

a) Reduces Body Fat

The difference between women and men is that their estrogen levels are higher. That’s why fat rates are usually higher than men. Because testosterone is a hormone closely related to the body’s insulin production, which regulates glucose and fat storage.

Recent research has shown that a decrease in testosterone levels is directly related to an increase in fat storage. For this, the decrease in androgen hormones reveals the problem of increasing the fat ratio or decreasing the muscle ratio.

  • Obesity causes testosterone levels to drop.

b) Increases Muscle Mass

Testosterone, the most essential muscle-building anabolic hormone, improves muscle protein synthesis and promotes greater muscle growth. It means more muscle and strength. It is the source of what makes men strong. The testosterone molecule is responsible for imparting masculine features.

Having a lot of muscle mass does not only give a pleasant appearance. Yes, you can be proud of yourself when you look in the mirror naked. Of course, that’s not the only benefit of being muscular! At the same time, you become more resistant to diseases.

c) Strengthens the Heart

Contrary to early studies, recent studies show a link between low testosterone levels and the risk of heart disease. There is scientific evidence to suggest that maintaining optimal testosterone levels can help prevent cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that there is a need for new studies that examine the subject in depth.

  • Proper exercise and healthy diet = Optimal testosterone level

Regular exercise, adequate and balanced nutrition protects heart health. Of course, this has to do with hormones.

d) Affects the Brain and Takes Risks

First, testosterone exerts significant biological effects on brain development and function throughout male life. Moreover, it regulates the responses of the amygdala region, which is an important brain structure for producing and processing emotions. As a result, controlling hunger, fighting, reproduction and the love instinct are among the roles this structure plays.

Second, some studies have shown a correlation between optimal testosterone levels and levels of risk-taking and aggression. In other words, as the testosterone level increases, the frequency of aggression and risk-taking behaviors increases. However, stress levels are affected by the pressure on the amygdala and competitive behaviors are triggered. This situation is similar to the fact that some animals risk serious fights just for their lover.

e) Prevents Osteoporosis

According to many studies, low testosterone levels are associated with low bone mass and weak muscle strength. In other words, the decrease in male hormone decreases the bone mineral density and creates a higher risk of fracture. That’s because testosterone is unquestionably linked to bone health.

A low hormone level is not a sufficient finding to buy testosterone from the pharmacy. The doctor also looks at signs of bone loss for a testosterone shot prescription. This clearly shows the effect of testosterone deficiency on bones.

  • As a result, optimized total testosterone levels increase bone density and prevent age-related bone resorption problems.

Testosterone Levels by Body Type

Men with an ectomorph body type unfortunately tend to have low testosterone levels. Therefore, a weak, timid and tense character is usually formed. So irritability or stress likely lowers testosterone levels. They are not very successful in muscle or strength training.

Mesomorphs don’t go around like a testosterone bomb for nothing. Because free testosterone levels in the blood are quite high. As a result, a body with a low body fat level and a high muscle ratio should not come as a surprise. They also tend to get into trouble with aggressive behavior, jealousy or envy. High circulating hormone levels provide rapid muscle weight gain and also keep body fat percentage to a minimum.

Endomorphs are between ectomorphs and mesomorphs in terms of testosterone level. They have both good muscle size and the possibility of being fat. If they are fed too much in terms of carbohydrates, their fat rate will increase in a short time. That’s why regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining testosterone levels.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Testosterone levels are usually not a problem for most men under 35. Some mistakes in daily life cause suppression of male hormone. Most of the time, things you do not anticipate can prevent beard growth, muscle building and the formation of masculine features.

There are many factors that can inhibit your testosterone.

1) Aromatase Enzyme

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen and increases body fat. Conditions that increase the effect of the aromatase enzyme and cause low testosterone are as follows:

  • Body fat increase with age
  • Insulin secretion in the blood
  • Alcohol consumption

Body fat increases with age. Unhealthy nutritional conditions cause an increase in insulin and aromatase. To reduce this effect, one should eat healthy and exercise regularly.

2) Fat-Free and Carbohydrate Diets

The structure of the male hormone is cholesterol. Diets deficient in low-fat and animal-based foods suppress testosterone production.

  • High-carb diets raise insulin.
  • Stress, caffeine, overtraining, aerobic exercise, and sleep apnea raise cortisone levels.
  • Food-fed products suppress the male hormone.

Overuse of testosterone supplements blunts the testicles and inhibits natural testosterone production. This is especially a problem if hormone therapy is discontinued.

3) Poor Sleep

A bad sleep pattern can disrupt the working mechanism of hormones. Lack of adequate sleep patterns negatively affects not only immunity but also testosterone production. It may be a smart solution to avoid very heavy meals just before going to bed at night to sleep well.

  • At least 2 hours before going to sleep, remove the technological tools from your side.
  • Check your magnesium, vitamin D and omega 3 intakes. If these are missing, you may be deprived of good sleep.
  • Sleep apnea can negatively affect the male hormone by increasing the stress level.

4) Plastic Materials

All plastics contain estrogen-like substances. These substances are particularly likely to leach into liquids. Stay away from foods and liquids packaged in plastic containers so that the hormones that promote beard growth do not decrease.

  • Poor quality deodorants, perfumes and plastic products can cause an increase in estrogen hormone in men.

5) Alcohol Consumption

Unfortunately, alcohol causes fatty liver and increases the estrogen hormone. Therefore, the testosterone hormone decreases. As a result of excessive alcohol consumption, testicular shrinkage, low sperm counts and erectile dysfunction problems may occur.

Factors that increase estrogen other than alcohol include:

  • Soy and soybean products can act as estrogen mimics.
  • Despite its prominent health benefits, flaxseed is highly estrogenic.

6) Hypogonadism

It is a deficiency of sex hormones in men or women. As a result of hypogonadism, low testosterone and smaller testicles occur in men. Similarly, it causes menstrual irregularities in girls. However, there are two types of hypogonadism in men: primary (primary) and secondary (secondary).

  • Primary or primary hypogonadism is caused by problems with the testicles, while secondary hypogonadism is caused by the pituitary gland. Unfortunately, both species have low levels of the hormone testosterone.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Signs of low testosterone at a young age are small penis and testicles, and very little body hair growth. In this case, the beards may not grow at all or very little. The voice does not thicken, remains thin, and morning stiffness is usually minimal.

With age, the production of this hormone decreases. Muscle weakness, decreased desire, erectile dysfunction and decreased sperm count are among the most common symptoms of low testosterone in adult men.

Low testosterone symptoms include:

  1. Depression
  2. Increase in body fat
  3. Weakening in the muscles
  4. Decreased desire
  5. Erection problems
  6. Weakening of bones
  7. Mental confusion
  8. Low self esteem
  9. Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness in advancing age

If you have at least 4 symptoms, you may consider having a testosterone test. There is not enough scientific evidence that there is a relationship between low levels and hair loss. On the contrary, high testosterone can cause hair loss.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

For those with low testosterone, building muscle and burning fat is a challenge. That’s why an increase in testosterone plays a key role in lean muscle mass. With bodybuilding, intermittent fasting and strength training for lean muscle mass produce a significant increase in testosterone levels.

There is scientific evidence that concludes that intermittent fasting increases testosterone levels by up to 400%.

1) Change Your Eating Pattern

Intermittent fasting is a diet that regulates periods of eating and fasting . According to many experts, it is incredibly effective for getting in shape and improving health. Fast fat burning, muscle building, strengthening the mind and increasing testosterone are among its most important benefits.

The intermittent fasting eating pattern has different applications. The most common is the 16:8 technique. According to this order, fasting is kept for 16 hours and food is eaten during the 8-hour period. For example, after you eat dinner at 6 pm, you will be hungry for 16 hours until 10 am. After your first breakfast at 10 am, you adjust your meals again to 6 pm.

Changing the eating pattern not only affects testosterone levels, but also other hormones that affect metabolism.

Foods That Increase Testosterone

2) Follow a Healthy Diet

It is very important to know which foods to avoid in order to follow a clean diet. This will not only increase your testosterone levels, but will also greatly improve your physique. The basis of the diet strategy is to focus on natural foods and avoid processed foods.

Things to avoid:

  • Foods containing sugar
  • Processed cereals, breads, noodles, rice, pasta, etc.
  • Packaged meals
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Food and especially liquids in plastic packages

Foods to be included in the nutrition program for Testosterone Increase:

  • Foods containing animal and vegetable protein
  • Healthy fats like hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts
  • Plenty of filtered water
  • 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits
  • Healthy sources of carbohydrates such as oats, lentils, beans, legumes
  • Choose products in glass bottles or cardboard boxes.

3) Sleep Well

Increasing the amount of quality or deep sleep is one of the simplest ways to greatly increase your testosterone production. Testosterone is mainly produced while the body sleeps. Therefore, by increasing the amount of sleep you increase the amount of time the body has to produce testosterone.

Poor sleep patterns have a negative effect on the heart, lungs and kidneys. As a result, appetite, metabolism and weight control and immune function change. With insufficient sleep, mood and brain function can also be impaired. While many people are aware of these negative effects of insomnia, they ignore its effect on testosterone production.

Sleep Well and Increase Testosterone

What should I do to sleep well and increase testosterone?

  • Create a daily plan: The mind does not like uncertainty and wants to know what to do tomorrow. This is an effective way to get you to sleep as soon as you close your eyes.
  • Stay away from technological tools: Do not be exposed to tools such as telephone, computer and television 2 hours before going to bed. An empty mind makes it easier to fall asleep.
  • Read a novel or prayer book for 20-30 minutes: It is very helpful for you to relax and forget about your own life. The mind heals and negative situations go away.
  • Turn off the lights or wear an eye patch: The room should be completely dark, with no light shining into your eyes.
  • This facilitates the secretion of melatonin, the most important hormone for sleep. Actually, it makes more sense to do both together.
  • Your room should be free from noise and at normal temperature.
  • Sleep quality may increase with light exercises or the happiness hormones of intercourse with a partner.
  • Tryptophan and vitamin D supplements are important for quality sleep.

4) Do Weight Training

Regardless, lifting weights has positive effects on testosterone. However, the effect of compound exercises is greater. Include movements that work especially large muscle groups together in your exercise program. Squats, deadlifts and push-ups work very well because they work many areas the same.

  • Follow a training program of compound exercises.
  • Work with bodyweight whenever possible.
  • Control the exercises and increase the pressure.
  • Change the training program every 2 weeks
  • Focus on lifting heavy weights
  • Keep the exercise plan shorter than 40 minutes.

It has been supported by many scientific studies that prolonged exercise reduces testosterone levels. This also applies to cases of extreme fatigue and malnutrition. Your training program should be designed to increase strength.

Weight Training

5) Hug Your Partner

Intense love is an effective way to naturally triple your testosterone. One study found that testosterone levels increased on nights of intercourse. On nights without it, testosterone levels either stayed the same or dropped. The results are interesting, aren’t they?

Many people think that excess male hormones increase the desire. Of course, does this chicken come out of the egg or does the egg come from the chicken seems like a paradox. However, research has revealed that men with active love lives have higher levels of free testosterone in their blood.

  • The quality and time of the relationship is also very important.
  • Choosing it in the morning will peak testosterone levels. Or it makes more sense to do it when it’s at its peak.

6) Don’t Be Afraid of the Cold

Some studies have shown that the cold increases testosterone secretions. Of course, the cold water or ice baths made by the Russians are not in vain. This not only increases body resistance but also provides a long lasting burst of energy. So what to do?

  • Cold shower once a week
  • 3 Minutes ice bath
  • Walking in the snow
  • Ice skating

7) Eat Healthy Fats and Proteins

The male hormone has cholesterol in its structure. Of course, increased consumption of healthy fats is linked to testosterone production. What’s more, a diet high in natural fat has now been proven to have many beneficial results, such as improved cholesterol health levels and increased energy levels.

Which oils are beneficial to consume?

  • Nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds
  • Natural oils like eggs and fish
  • Organic butter

Foods That Increase Testosterone

There are many foods that increase androgen levels in men or regulate the androgen-estrogen balance. But in order to increase testosterone levels in the body with food, it is important to have a low body mass index and waist circumference. In other words, obesity prevents benefiting from this effect. How to increase testosterone with what foods? Here is the answer:

Increase Testosterone Naturally

1) Celery

Celery, which contains androgen-like chemicals, lowers blood pressure and is a vegetable that helps the circulatory system. It has antimicrobial, antibacterial and mild antiviral properties. It’s no surprise that celery has a multitude of powerful medicinal effects. You ask why?

Only 2 celery stalks contain the following important minerals and vitamins: The
most important is that it contains 275 mg of potassium, 30 mg of magnesium, 35 mg of calcium and 20 mg of phosphorus. Moreover, it is a natural multivitamin with 225 IU of vitamin A, 8 mg of vitamin C and 8 mcg of folic acid.

A kidney tonic according to Chinese medicine, celery is not limited to just these micronutrients. Researchers have found testosterone-like male steroids in this herb. So it also has the role of a love tonic for men.

2) Black Cabbage

It is a rich source of carotene and chlorophyll. On the other hand, a cup of cabbage contains more calcium than a glass of milk. In addition, the calcium in its content is very well assimilated in the body.

Of course, its content is not limited to this. For example, a large cabbage leaf with a stem contains:

It is such a useful food that it contains important vitamins and minerals for the body. For example, it is very valuable in that it contains 10,000 IU of vitamin A and 100 mg of vitamin C. It is also a complete mineral store with 175 mcg of folic acid, 250 mg of potassium, 200 mg of calcium, 2 mg of iron, 15 mg of magnesium and 60 mg of phosphorus.

However, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are from similar families and have a rich source of antioxidants.

3) Oats

It is definitely the best source of carbohydrates for a bodybuilder. That’s because, according to one study, oat seeds increased testosterone levels in men. Subsequent studies have also supported this finding. Similarly, there is scientific evidence that oatmeal increases the release of LH, which stimulates the formation of male hormone and its release into the bloodstream.

Moreover, among the benefits of oats, there is also an effect on desires and desires. For example, according to the Germans, it is a craving tonic and a stimulant food. However, oats have central nervous system relaxant activity. In addition, its regular consumption is beneficial for nervous weakness and exhaustion and is a stress reliever. Therefore, getting rid of stress has a positive effect on masculinity.

4) Garlic

The former has a long history as an invigorating tonic for men. For example, the Chinese use it to increase testosterone levels, stimulate sperm production, and increase desire. After ginseng, it is perhaps one of the most popular medicinal herbs in the world.

Secondly, it is the most effective food to prevent all types of cancer. In particular, one study concluded that regular garlic consumption is by far the first in this regard. However, many studies have shown the positive effects of garlic on diabetes, hypertension, and weakened immunity.

5) Red Meat

Like all animal foods, beef greatly increases your testosterone levels. Naturally, red meat is the most beneficial food for muscle building and hormone increase. However, regular consumption of red meat one to three times a week is important to keep androgen levels at optimum levels. However, research has shown that reducing meat and dietary fats from meats lowers serum androgen levels in men.

In one study, thirty healthy men followed a red meat-free diet. After six weeks, total serum testosterone and free testosterone levels had decreased by an average of 10 percent.

6) Egg

First of all, it is one of the best testosterone boosting foods. Especially the white part is full of essential amino acids for the body. There is also natural cholesterol in the yolk, which plays an important role in testosterone production.

Eggs are also packed with essential fatty acids that increase testosterone. Eating foods containing them has been proven to be directly related to having more testosterone. Eggs also have vitamins and minerals such as Iodine, Selenium, and choline, which are needed for testosterone production.

7) Oysters

Oysters contain zinc, which aids not only testosterone but also muscle growth, physical endurance and sperm production. At the same time, if you have wounds, you can be sure that they will heal quickly with oysters.

Other foods loaded with zinc are pumpkin seeds, grass-fed beef, lamb, Cashews, yogurt, chicken, spinach, and oats.

8) Potatoes

It is one of the best sources of carbohydrates required for testosterone production. Potatoes are a better alternative to grains that contain sugar and additives when processed. Because the potato is not processed and does not cause inflammation.

Other beneficial carbohydrates like potatoes are zucchini, oats, squash, beans and turnips. It is low in fiber and less likely to cause inflammation. Although processed grains don’t overly affect testosterone, potatoes, oats and beans are healthier.

Other testosterone-boosting foods include:

  • Zinc-rich foods: oysters, shellfish or cereals, wheat germ, meat, nuts, dark chocolate, etc.
  • Healthy fats: Healthy saturated fats like coconut oil or egg yolks and grass-fed butter.
  • Vegetable oils: Monounsaturated fats such as olive oil or avocado.
  • Proteins: Oily fish like salmon or mackerel and mushrooms
  • Foods containing gelatin: Gelatin reduces estrogen and stimulates testosterone production.
  • Nuts: Peanuts, horse chestnut or coconut
  • Cinnamon or apple cider vinegar: Limits insulin spikes and raises the male hormone.
  • Vegetables: Nettle, radishes or celery

Supplements That Increase Testosterone:

Testosterone supplements are highly effective when your nutrition, wellness, and sleep are under control. Before you spend your money on supplements, you should make sure you sleep and eat well. It would be healthier to get approval from your doctor for the use of supplements. According to experts, supplements that increase testosterone include:

a) D-Aspartic Acid

It is a natural amino acid that is included in many supplements for muscle building or weight gain. It triggers the cells in the testicles to produce more testosterone. Most importantly, research has shown that it can increase sperm production and increase strength.

Men with very low testosterone should consult a doctor and use it if necessary.

b) Vitamin D

Optimal levels of serum vitamin D are very important for healthy reproductive functions (1). Moreover, according to many studies, there is a positive relationship between vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone. That’s why getting sun is important because vitamin D is produced by the skin with the help of sunlight.

Moreover, vitamin D is essential for overall health, as it affects many bodily functions. In particular, there is evidence that Vitamin D, which is naturally produced from sunlight, is more effective at stimulating testosterone. However, if you are not getting enough sunlight, a vitamin D supplement is the best alternative.

c) Zinc

Natural or supplemented zinc is essential for more than 100 chemical processes in the human body. In particular, you need it daily for your immune system to function properly. What’s more, research has shown that zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels.

If you have symptoms of low testosterone, supplementing with zinc is a very helpful mineral. If you take in enough zinc, cortisone levels are reduced, which is helpful in coping with stress. Especially natural sources of zinc such as oysters, beef, chicken, oatmeal, beans or nuts increase the male hormone. Zinc supplements are a good option if you don’t consume enough of them.

Other supplements that increase testosterone hormone:

  • Boron, 5 mg per day or 1 teaspoon of organic honey
  • Zinc, 20 mg per day or 2 eggs per day
  • Magnesium, 1000 to 1500 mg per day, or 3 tablespoons of oats
  • Vitamin A, 2000 to 8000 iu or 1 carrot
  • Vitamin D3, 2000 to 7000 iu or half an hour of sunlight
  • Vitamin K2, 150 iu or fenugreek extract, 400 mg.
  • Nettle root extract, 500 mg per day, or Panax ginseng extract, 250 mg per day.

High Testosterone (DHT) Symptoms

The increase in DHT is linked to excessive testosterone levels. High DHT increases the risk of acne, male pattern baldness and prostate enlargement. Creatine used by bodybuilders raises DHT levels and may cause hair loss.

For the negative effects of high DHT hormone, you can focus on the following foods.

  • Green tea,
  • Zinc-containing foods
  • Pumpkin seeds

Is It Possible to Buy Testosterone from the Pharmacy?

It is possible to buy testosterone from the pharmacy after you have a doctor’s prescription in hand. However, your male hormone levels must be below normal for the doctor to prescribe. In summary, you cannot buy testosterone from the pharmacy without the approval of the physician.

Definitely stay away from under-the-counter products.

After all, two separate blood testosterone level measurements are essential to buy testosterone from the pharmacy. However, infertility, lack of desire and lack of masculinity due to insufficient hormone should be clinically confirmed. In addition, the doctor evaluates the mental state of the person and whether there is bone loss while prescribing medication.

According to the results of the test and clinical findings, the doctor prescribes drugs for men with low testosterone. These drugs are usually in pill or injection form. Testosterone patches are also another option. The duration of action of these drugs depends on the drug, age and other factors.

Testosterone injection side effects vary from person to person. If you stop, natural testosterone production will decrease or stop. This is why unconsciously self-injecting testosterone puts your health at risk. Especially do not try anything that you do not know what it is, that your doctor does not recommend.

It’s easier to increase testosterone naturally rather than buy it at the pharmacy. With a few simple precautions. You can reach the top by sleeping well, eating healthy and doing compound exercises.

SUMMARY: 13 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

After all, it is very important to have natural testosterone levels in order to be healthy in every way. In particular, increasing the muscle ratio and having a high energy is achieved with optimum testosterone. However, stopping by the gym a few times and paying attention to a little nutrition does not immediately erase all the mistakes. That’s why 13 natural ways to increase testosterone levels must be transformed into a way of life.

  1. Sleep well or have 7-8 hours of quality sleep per day.
  2. Exercise regularly to balance muscle or fat ratio. Focus specifically on squats, deadlifts, and push-ups.
  3. Add testosterone-boosting foods to your diet to get stronger or stronger.
  4. Consume foods containing simple sugars or starches in limited quantities.
  5. Opt for natural scents rather than chemical scents such as deodorant or perfume.
  6. Avoid plastic containers or shakers as they increase estrogen.
  7. Get in the sun for half an hour every day or take a vitamin D supplement. However, your first choice should be for the sun.
  8. Improve yourself or be open to learning so you can have healthier relationships.
  9. Invest in yourself to combat stress or depression. Participate in activities that you especially enjoy doing and get yourself a few hobbies.
  10. Get married to have a regular love affair. Then organize what you will do to spend pleasant moments with your partner. Because an unplanned and uncertain life will cause you stress and your sleep quality will deteriorate.
  11. Most importantly, visit your internist every six months and have the necessary tests done. If you have an abnormality in your testosterone levels or other hormones, take care of yourself.
  12. Add immune-boosting foods to your diet to avoid getting sick or staying healthy all the time.
  13. As a result, use supplements that increase testosterone with the approval of the doctor. If there is a miscarriage, learn how to increase testosterone naturally and take the necessary precautions. Also, read our article carefully from beginning to end.

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