15 Best Back Exercises For Strong Back Muscle

The back muscles are one of the most important muscles in the human body. These muscles, which prevent the person from humped and make the body stand upright, are reinforced by back exercises, dumbbell exercises and wing exercises. The development of the back muscles means the same meaning as the development of some kind of Trapezoidal. You can do exercises to improve your back muscles with wing exercises at home.

Equipment Back Muscle Exercises

The exercises that need to be done to strengthen the back muscles are evident in gyms. Before we move on to them, let’s mention that you can strengthen your back muscles at home with non-equipment exercises. When you practice these exercises regularly, you will notice that the pain in your back decreases and your posture becomes upright. Here are the exercises that strengthen the back muscles:

1. Bent Over Row Exercise

It is done similarly to the Dumbbell Row exercise. It can be done with two dumbbells or with a barbell and weights. While doing the exercise, the knees are slightly bent and the back is taken forward with an angle of more than 45 degrees. With the arms holding the weights down, the weights are pulled towards the abdominal cavity so that the waist and knees remain fixed. It will give more effective results when the exercise is done with a barbell. For those who have problems with their waist and back, it is possible to do this by lying down after the angle of the stand is adjusted.

2. Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row

One of the most important exercises in developing back muscles is the dumbbell row exercise, which is done with a work program. It is an exercise in which the arms are used in order and supported by a stand. With this exercise, the muscles on and around the shoulder blades are effectively worked. If we think that the exercise starts with the right arm, you lean your left knee and hand on the bench that you set straight and start the exercise with your right foot on the ground with a dumbbell in your right hand. By pulling the dumbbell up to the abdominal cavity, the elbow is completely closed and the back muscles are compressed. Care should be taken that the palm is facing the body and that the weight is done without disturbing the vertical exercise.

3. Pull-ups Exercise

Pull-ups Exercise

It is an exercise that works the back and forearm muscles together. In order to do this exercise, you need to have sufficient back muscle strength. It is the form of the Lat Pull Down exercise based on body weight. While performing the exercise, the hands should be spread shoulder-width apart and grasped with the palms facing forward, which is called the eagle grip. When the exercise is done in this way, it works the back muscles effectively. The shape made towards the nape is more difficult and puts more strain on the back muscles. Let us remind you that even though the pull-up is done with one’s own body weight, it is considered among the equipment exercises because it requires a bar or a tool.

4. Deadlift Exercise

Deadlift Exercise

It is an exercise made by lifting the barbell to which the weights are attached, from the ground very little. At the beginning of this exercise, the body is bent at the waist. Leg muscles, back, hip, abdominal and waist muscles are used to lift the weight. Like squats, it can work for multiple muscle groups at once. While performing the exercise, it is necessary to be careful as strength is taken from the waist and back. It can damage the spine and cause hernia discomfort.

5. Lat Pull Down Exercise

Lat Pull Down Exercise

The logic of this machine is to work the wing and back muscles used while doing pull-ups. It is one of the machines where people who have difficulty doing pull-ups can develop their muscles. It is recommended that people who are able to lift their own weight do pull-ups. On the other hand, those who go above this level, by connecting their knees to the machine, they can lift more than their own weight and enable their wing and back muscles to work.

6. Hyperextension Exercise

Hyperextension Exercise

Hyperextension, which helps to strengthen the back muscles, especially those in the waist, is a very important exercise. Hyperextension, which is an easy exercise among the types of back exercises, is easier than the others and is used frequently. This exercise, which is done by flexing the arms crosswise without any support from the upper body area while your feet are fully fixed, is very effective for the back muscles.

7. Wide Grip Pull Up Exercise

Wide Grip Pull Up Exercise

This exercise, which is shown among the wing exercises, can also be referred to as the classic pull-up exercise in the development of the back muscles. In order to develop the back muscles with this exercise, the height of the bar you will hang on must be at least an arm’s length away. Your hands should be one shoulder-width apart or wider as you hold the bar. Then you should pull with your arms and back. Breath control is very important here. With this exercise, which you will start to do more comfortably over time, the muscle in the middle of your back first gets stronger and then starts to develop.

8. Reverse Cable Crossover Exercise

As the name suggests, it is an exercise made by using cables in reverse, that is, crosswise. The cable from the right is held in the left hand, the cable from the left is in the right hand. In the starting position, the body should be upright, the hands should be at the front, the fists should be at the meeting point. It is done by opening the arms parallel to both sides. This exercise, which can be done standing and sitting, works the back muscles. Although it is difficult to do, it is one of the exercises that work the rowing, back shoulder and trapezius muscles well.

9. Rowing Machine Exercise

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Since there is no weight gain in the rowing machine, it is aimed to work the back muscles under constant tension for a long time and to gain conditioning. Muscles are drawn and shaped as you gain conditioning. There are cabled machines that you can do this exercise with weight plates. Those who want to do it can use these tools in accordance with the exercise, increase weight and add volume to the back muscles.

Back Improvement Exercises at Home

A home gym program with dumbbells or non-equipment exercises can be tried regardless of male or female. You can keep the money to be given to the gyms in your pocket, and you can use your money in more useful areas thanks to back muscle training techniques. On the other hand, tens of devices sold on televisions and moving the muscles with electrical stimuli only serve to accelerate the blood flow to the muscles. This function is the same as the massage function. It cannot go beyond comforting them. No matter how much they are used, they cannot develop muscles.

1. Superman Exercise

Superman Exercise

This back exercise, inspired by the flying exercise like Superman, is effective both in the development of the back muscles and in the development of the wing exercises and shoulder muscles. The exercise begins by lying face down on the ground. Then, the feet and arms are lifted into the air and extended so that they are parallel to the ground by breaking the contact with the ground. While doing the exercise, the chest should be tried to be cut off from the ground and only the abdomen should touch the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Click on the link to take a look at the best fitness accessory models produced to accelerate the growth of back muscles and provide a fit look.

2. Bridging Exercise

Bridge Exercise

Again, the exercise that works the lower back and waist muscles have taken this name with its bridge-like structure. While exercise; Lie on your back, bend your knees upwards and start the exercise with the soles of your feet on the ground. With the support of the feet, the contact of the hip and waist from the ground is cut off. Only the nape area is continuing to be lifted up to the point where it will receive support from the shoulders. When the upper legs, abdomen and upper body form a straight line, the first repetition is finished by returning to the starting position. As the pelvic muscles will be strengthened with the exercise, it will also have a positive effect on your sex life.

3. Reverse Fly Exercise

It is the reverse of the fly exercise. It is among the best exercises for the back. While performing the exercise, stand with knees slightly bent. You can take plastic bottles or objects that will make weight in your hands. The exercise starts with the hands together at the knee level in front. The body is fixed, the arms are extended to the sides without bending the elbows. Then return to the starting position again. While performing the exercise, care should be taken that the elbows are locked. Care should be taken not to disturb the forward-leaning posture of the body. Click on the link to view the best dumbbell models that help the development of back muscles.

4. Dumbbell Pull Over Exercise

This exercise, which develops the wing muscles, is also important in terms of chest exercise. It strengthens both the wing muscles and the chest muscles. These dumbbell exercises, which are created and performed with a dumbbell training program, also contribute to the harmonious operation of the most important muscles of the human body. In this exercise, which is done to develop the back muscles, it is necessary to breathe and be slow while going down. Thus, the effect of exercise can be increased. While using the dumbbells, the arms should stay straight and bent while going towards the neck. Otherwise, the exercise will be unhealthy.

5. Swimming on the Ground Exercise

Back exercises that you can do at home to strengthen the back muscle are very useful and beneficial exercises. Thanks to the swimming exercise on the ground, the waist and back muscles are in good development. It is insufficient for athletes who want big muscles, but those who exercise daily should not give up this exercise. This exercise will be very effective for our readers who have back pain and posture problems. Do not force your bones or ligaments while doing this exercise. The left arm and right leg are lifted up while the right arm and left leg remain on the ground as support. After the raised arm and leg are lowered, the others are raised.

6. Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise

With this exercise, which you can easily apply at home, you can work the muscles in both your back and hips. The exercise begins with positioning on the ground on the knees and hands. The right foot and the left hand are moved diagonally, while the left foot and the right hand are moved diagonally. While the left arm is extended forward without breaking the elbow, the right leg is extended backwards to be straight. In this position, the abdominal muscles and other small muscles are also working to provide balance.

What Are the Functions of the Back Muscles?

The back muscles, which are strengthened by back exercises and wing exercises, are among the muscle groups used by ancient people to climb trees easily. People with strong back muscles can pull their body upwards with their arms. For people who have to work physically, back muscles are among the most used muscles.

Thanks to the machines he made using his mind, man did not have to force his body as much as before. Today, with the developing technology, fully automatic robots do everything by pressing just a few buttons. Over the years, the need for muscle strength has dwindled, and most people today can get things done sitting at a desk and pressing keys. In this case, it negatively affects the development of the back muscles.

People who sit in a fixed position from morning to evening or do not move except for minor exercises become unable to perform the back exercises that they should do even in daily life. In those who cannot perform back exercises even in daily life, the upright posture of the spine becomes difficult and a disorder called posture disorder occurs. The advanced stage of posture disorder is a hunchback. Weak back muscles make them easily injured muscles. Backache when standing for a long time or pain and stiffness as a result of a slight exercise is a sign that the muscles are weak.

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