4 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga

Unexpected Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many positive effects on your mind and body. In this article, you will find four benefits of yoga that you may not know.

Yoga Can Help Build Muscle

In choosing to train the muscles in isolation with very linear movements in the gym, we miss one point. When you lay a supportive yoga mat on the floor at home and start practicing yoga regularly, you will begin to see the benefits of involving your whole body in certain movements, along with developing more functional mobility. When you do yoga, you will develop a nice balance between flexibility and strength. Over time, you will experience fewer injuries, heal faster, and you will begin to see the reflections of your work in your real life.

Yoga Can Help Tone Your Abs

While yoga doesn’t specifically target the surface-level muscles, every posture in yoga brings your awareness to the “center of your core”, the muscles that interact with the pelvis, specifically the psosas. When you start to activate these muscles with basic postures, you will start to activate these muscles while doing weight training or calisthenics (a type of gymnastics). To understand what I’m talking about, get into the plank stance and then, without moving any other parts, touch your right shoulder with your left hand. Then touch your left with your right hand. Go ahead and move slowly. Doing this is not as easy as it seems.

Yoga Can Help Prevent Injuries

Yoga is not a stretching exercise. As you become more experienced in yoga, you will understand the detailed things that happen in your body. As this self-awareness grows, you can begin to apply it to your exercise routines, sports, and recovery program. Yoga allows you to use your core muscles more effectively during boxing and can help you endure during a marathon. One good thing about yoga is that there is no winner. In yoga you only have to do something that is difficult for you personally and breathe with it. In yoga, sometimes all you have to do is lie down on a support with your legs in the air and take a nap.

Yoga Can Help You Become Smarter

According to a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, the practice of mindfulness, which is one of the types of meditation, can provide some mental benefits such as better memory, accelerated learning and reduction in stress. The scientists compared brain scans of people who meditated for long periods of time with a control group. They found that long-time yoga practitioners had more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which was associated with working memory and making critical decisions.

If you’re new to mindfulness, it can be difficult to reach a state of calm where you can enjoy the full effects of it. In this case, you may want to do yoga. While yoga will provide you with mental benefits, it will also give you an exercise that will help strengthen your core muscles and reduce your risk of injury.

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