5 Best Exercises To Reduce Hips Fast

A good diet and cardiovascular physical activity are two great supports when it comes to achieving our sporting goals.

One of the most recurrent physical objectives during this period of the year -spring and summer- is to reduce hips; that is, subtract inches from that neglected waist and burn off the excess fat. Both aesthetically and functional at the health level, it is a challenge that requires perseverance. For this reason, acquiring a daily routine dedicated to the practice of a series of specific exercises seems decisive. In addition, it is advisable to add cardio activity – such as going for a run or long walks – to the plan that will be described below.

The following routine, whose effectiveness grows if it is accompanied by a good diet, is composed of five complete exercises, in which you work both from the legs and the torso. Thus, we make sure that the activity involves the main muscle groups that will support the reduction of hips and their corresponding fat loss:

Exercise to Reduce Hips

Circular Leg Raise: Lying down with your legs straight, we raise one leg and make circular movements. We intersperse the legs. The circles should be wide. Once we complete the movement, we place the leg in its initial position, and we resume with another repetition. During the action of the exercise, avoid bending the knee. That is, we keep our legs straight when doing the activity.

Lateral leg elevation: positioned in quadruped, making a 90º angle with our trunk and legs, we raise one of the legs laterally. As in the previous case, we will perform this exercise for 30 seconds with each leg in three series. In the same position, there is another effective exercise that consists of tracing the previous movement, but in three beats. That is, stopping three times on the side lift.

Hip lift: lying on your back, with the knees bent, the soles of the feet resting on the floor and the arms placed next to the body. We raise the pelvis until it is at the same height as the knees. At the height of activity, the thighs contract as pressure is felt on the abdomen and buttocks. The duration of this exercise is about 10 seconds holding the posture. To add difficulty, weight can be placed on the belly.

Lunges: we stand up, with our back straight and our arms parallel to our torso. From that position, we step forward with the right foot and simultaneously bend the knee (simulating a stride). For its part, we stretch the left leg back, resting the tip of the feet on the ground and the knee facing it. To add difficulty to the exercise, we can take the weight (dumbbells, dumbbells …) in each hand, or hold a bar at shoulder height. We will intersperse the legs during the activity.

Twists: as a starting position, we stand up, with the hands-on each side of the body and slightly separating the legs. Thus, we rotate the torso as much as we can towards one of the sides, we return to the initial position, and after a small ‘stop’, we summarize the same movement but in the opposite direction. To this exercise, of simple execution, the movement of bringing the hands to the nape can be added. The last part of the exercise consists of raising the arms straight to the level of the shoulders. As in the previous cases, the exercise can be added difficulty using dumbbells or bar.

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