5 Healthy Foods to Help You Gain Weight

In order to gain weight, you need to take the calories your body needs every day and follow your nutrition program. At the same time, you should not forget that the process of gaining weight is long-term, and you should give yourself at least 3 months to gain weight. In order to gain weight, you should definitely include sufficient and balanced main meals and snacks in the diet list. You should consume healthy foods in sufficient portions, arrange the times of your main meals and try not to skip meals. Preferring to consume different food groups in one meal instead of focusing on a single food type will also help you gain weight in a healthy way.

Foods That Gain Weight

Here are 5 foods that make you gain weight when you include them in a balanced and healthy diet list:


Weight Gain Foods List

Tahini, obtained from sesame seeds, has healthy fat and energy content. 3 tablespoons of tahini molasses or 30 grams of tahini halva, which you will consume with whole wheat/rye bread for breakfast or snacks every day, will provide you with 250 calories of additional energy.

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice

Weight Gain Foods List

In order to gain weight, you should include freshly squeezed fruit juices as well as fruits in your healthy eating program. Fruit juice consumption also supports your calorie intake in a healthy way. While 1 fruit is 60-70 calories, 1 glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice is 150 calories and helps you gain weight with the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Red Meat

Weight Gain Foods List

One of the reasons that prevent you from gaining weight may be vitamin B12 and iron mineral deficiency. This increases your feeling of weakness and fatigue, as well as reduces your appetite. In the diet list that you will apply to eat healthy and gain weight, you should consume meat and vegetable dishes containing red meat in a main meal every day or meat cooked by grill/oven/steamed method in the portion size you need.

Whole Grain

Weight Gain Foods List

The amount of whole-grain foods (whole wheat, rye bread, legumes) in your diet should be at least 6 servings. For this, you should consume at least 1 slice of bread in your main and snack meals. In order to gain weight by increasing the calories you take, you should add 1 slice of bread to one of your main or snack meals every week.


Weight Gain Foods List

Cheese varieties provide a healthy diet with the protein, fat, vitamins and minerals they contain. To complete your calorie needs, choose fatty cheeses (cheddar, cheddar, gruyere, tulum cheese, etc.) and increase the portion size in your diet. For this, you should consume at least 2 slices of cheese for breakfast and snacks every day.

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