6 Alternative Protein Sources for Those Tired of Eating Chicken

Tired of old-fashioned bodybuilding foods? You can add these 6 alternative protein sources, which we will list now, to your desired meal or snack. You can update the nutrition programs that you eat chicken breast for every meal.

1. Beans


In addition to containing high fibre, it also contains high protein, depending on the variety. There are many types of beans and you can put them in your salads, rice or plain on your plate according to your wishes. There is about 20 grams of quality protein in a cup of beans. Since it will not be healthy to constantly eat from a single protein source, vegetable protein sources such as beans and lentils will be very useful.

2. Yoghurt


Thanks to the active cultures found in abundance in yoghurt, the intestines work more healthily and facilitate digestion. It also has an impressive amount of protein. According to the brand, there are 12-16 grams of muscle-enlarging material in a container. You can add it to your salads or oatmeal. There is CLA, which is used extra for fat burning, especially in the juice of my home oil, yoghurt, and I definitely recommend that you consume it. 1-2 bowls of yoghurt for your daily extra food makes it easy to fill your daily protein quota.

3. Chia Seed

Chia Seed

It is a food that has become popular lately and you can add it to many kinds of meals. It is generally tasteless and has a mild flavour and can be added to foods such as yoghurt, oats, salad, chicken and fish. There are 17 grams of protein in 100 grams and it is suitable for snacking.

4. Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Most of you probably know whey protein. Whey Protein is produced from powdered whey. Whey protein is the most ideal food for easy protein intake according to its price and practicality. It offers us a quality protein at a price of 2.5-3 TL per serving. The element that helps protein intake in many ways is whey protein powder. You can add it to any bodybuilding friendly food you want with the peace of mind. For example; oats, all types of wheat, muffins, skim sugar or pudding etc. Generally, there are 20-24 grams of protein in one measure of whey proteins from famous brands. Whey proteins: It is the ideal protein source in terms of digestion, amino acid profile and practicality.

5. Eggs


Frankly, there is no need to say much about eggs in terms of protein. The high-quality protein content, easy preparation and lack of carbohydrates make the egg one of the best protein-based foods. Eggs also contain a good amount of BCAA amino acids. It can be breaded and cooked, it can be simply broken and eaten, or boiled. In addition to being very easy to make, it is a good source of protein. There is an average of 6-7 grams of protein in an egg, and it can be consumed not only in the morning but also in between meals or after sports.

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