6 Effective Methods for Quality Sleep

Sleep is the number one way to rest for almost everyone… It greatly affects our lives, our health, our biological clock, our appetite, and even the length of our lives.

In the hustle and bustle of city life, our days can be quite busy and tiring when we say home, school, work and social environment. When we say yesterday’s trouble, tomorrow’s bustle, the process of falling asleep after going to bed can sometimes take hours. As a matter of fact, this means that 8 hours, which is the ideal sleep time for an adult, gradually decrease. So how can we break this endless deadlock, how can we catch the ideal? After all, we all have some stress factors in our lives and they knock on your door the moment you go to bed. In the meantime, it would be nice if we could take our brains out and put them aside or turn it off even if it has a button, wouldn’t it? Now bury those worries in the ground and check out 6 effective ways to help you get a great night’s sleep!

Quality Sleep

1. Body Cycles

Every human being has a biological clock that determines his physical, mental and behavioral changes. This biological action that determines the body’s cycle is called the circadian rhythm. During this cycle, our body prepares itself for sleep by producing melatonin, and it is the most important hormone in the feeling of sleep.

Listen to your body to go to bed on time, it will tell you! Do not forget that the only thing that provides our renewal and energy is a quality and productive night’s sleep!

2. Light Factor

Daylight is very important for our body, both physically and mentally, but when it’s time to sleep, these lights can be our worst enemy! The hormone melatonin, which prepares us for sleep, is regulated by the light level. The hormone melatonin rises rapidly in dark environments. For this reason, you should get away from all electronic devices and turn off the lights an hour before going to bed for productive sleep.

Good Quality Sleep

3. Thoughts

Are you one of those people who turn around when they go to bed, even if they die from lack of sleep? Relax, because you are not alone!

Many of us relax and unwind at night. The reason for this is our minds and our inner voices. However, there comes a time when your thoughts cannot leave you. According to the research; Psychologically getting away from your work in your spare time increases your efficiency and productivity, but the same is not true for night sleeps! The best way to overcome this is to create a dream world of your own. For example, you can plan a vacation soon! Even if you want to take things even further, don’t stop, think about the big prize going to you. You will see that the negative factors will decrease, falling asleep will be much easier!

4. Teas Matter

There are many natural herbal teas that have a relaxing and sedative effect and balance the nervous system. St. John’s Wort, chamomile and valerian are just a few of them…

Valerian tea is often recommended for sleep disorders. Studies show that this herb improves sleep quality without side effects and is therefore completely safe to consume.

While it is recommended to consume herbal tea before going to bed, it is important not to miss drinks such as coffee and alcohol! Consuming products in this category before bed can make your night long and probably mean you miss out on a healthy sleep opportunity!

5. Rituals

Although they fall apart from time to time, our bodies and brains work quite parallel to each other. This is how habits are born. Sometimes, if an action you do turns into an action that will make you happy later on, that action becomes meaningful for you and can turn into a totem or ritual in the future.

Brushing your teeth, reading a book or drinking herbal tea… All these rituals prepare you for a good night’s sleep. The rituals that calm you down and calm you down quickly take their place in your body and help you fall asleep as if programmed.

6. Relax

Whether you practice the best bedtime ritual in the world, consume herbal teas or comfort foods, factors such as stress and distress can keep you from sleeping. Relaxing at such times strengthens your immunity against stress.

There are many techniques for relaxation; breath awareness, mindfulness meditation, mind balance and body scan are some of them… But the most important thing is that you know how to relax and move in that direction.

Sleep is always the leading role in physical, emotional and mental health. Get away from tension and the factors that occupy your mind, apply these methods for a healthy sleep!

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