7 Day Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

There are important details among healthy weight loss methods. Losing this weight is as important as losing weight.

The first thing to consider when creating diet lists is to give importance to the characteristics of the person such as height, weight, age and gender. These fixed values ​​can change the total calorie amounts in the diet lists, as well as the types of foods on the diet list.

What Does It Mean to Lose a Healthy Weight?

First of all, we need to create a good diet list. Getting help from professionals in this regard will make it easier for you to make great progress. In addition to the diet list, a wide program including sports exercises should be planned on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; We must strictly adhere to this planned program. We should pay maximum attention to the factors that affect our biological clock such as eating – drinking, sleeping – waking up; We must teach him what kind of effect the body will be exposed to at what time. A general lifestyle change is the key phrase for healthy weight loss.

The backbone of all these changes is a simple mathematical calculation. When you take in fewer calories than you need, body fat is burned. This simple rule is the formula for all weight loss methods, healthy or unhealthy. As it is known, excess calories are converted into fat and stored in certain parts of the body. This storage situation is felt from the outside as regional lubrication. The aim is to make the body burn the fat in these areas. It includes various methods. To list these methods:

  • Calculate the amount of calories you need with help from a dietitian. Since calorie is a term that expresses the energy required for our most basic functions to work, it is very important to take it regularly. These functions can be divided into two as brain and motor functions. Basically, even our breathing burns calories, so we have to be very careful when calculating calories. Although it may vary from person to person, it is possible to say that the average calorie requirement of a person is 1500.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its formula can be explained as a feeling of fullness with little food. Breakfast should be done immediately after waking up. Delaying breakfast may increase the desire to eat more and cause the person to consume more calories than they desire.
  • In order for the metabolism to work fast, you need to keep it busy. Fasting for more than three to four hours a day will immediately slow down the metabolism. Keep your metabolism fast by adding small snacks between main meals.
  • Pay attention to the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits. Get your sugar needs directly from fruits, not from artificial foods.
  • Avoid unhealthy methods of cooking your meals. Since additional materials such as oil will cause excessive calorie intake, they are classified as very unhealthy and negative foods for the diet.
  • Vary your meals. Pay attention to the consumption of complex carbohydrates. At this point, it would be best to seek help from a dietitian.
  • Be sure to exercise for one or two hours a day. Whether you do sports in gyms or parks, you must do it. It is useful to create its content according to your regional fat collections. In other words, it will not be beneficial to work on the shoulder to collect fat in the butt area. You can get help from professionals for this.
  • Set small goals and stick to them as best you can. Let exercises and nutrients form the content of your goals instead of weight. Even if you follow exercises and diets for various reasons, weight loss may be slow. Burying this slowness can lower your motivation, but never give up.

7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

What are the Rules of Healthy Weight Loss?

Loss of function in organs, immune system problems, diseases and various syndromes can be given as examples of these problems. Although healthy weight loss seems to depend on the diet list, it is essentially independent. There are some rules created by considering the natural structure of the body. As long as extreme diets are not followed, although these rules are given maximum attention and are not suitable, it is possible to lose weight in a healthy way.

While applying diets, it should be aimed to lose a certain amount of weight in a long time. Diets that lose a large amount of weight in a short time are generally unhealthy. In order to apply such diets, there should be no health problems or a special situation. This criterion can easily be used to evaluate whether a diet is healthy or not. The maximum amount of weight that a healthy diet will lose per month should be three to four. Exceeding this value may bring some serious risks. We can list the rules of healthy weight loss as follows:

  • Meeting people’s calorie needs is getting harder day by day. In order to meet this need, foods containing refined sugar, preservatives and sweeteners are produced. Consumption of such foods causes serious harm to the body in the long run. It is imperative for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way to consume organic foods. This organic state should be real, not a label. For example, the village egg must be traceable to its source.
  • Pay attention to the rate at which the foods you consume are broken down by the intestines. This is one of the most important issues to be considered especially when consuming carbohydrates. It is preferable that all of them, including carbohydrates consumed during diet periods, are slowly broken down by the intestines. In this way, blood sugar can be easily controlled.
  • Diet means removing excess water and fat from the body. Although it is quite easy to remove excess water, it is not easy to remove oil. Excessive fat consumption is not recommended during diet periods. In cases where oil consumption is mandatory, it is recommended to consume natural oils. Olive oil, butter and lard are examples of these healthy fats.
  • When these foods are consumed is as important as the foods consumed during diet periods. The basic logic of diets is to increase the number of meals and distribute the total calories between these meals. Diets are planned with two snacks sandwiched between three main meals and all meals must be made. No meal should be skipped, especially breakfast. In this way, blood sugar is kept under control. In addition, attention should be paid to the first mealtime and the last mealtime. It is forbidden to consume food after seven or eight in the evening. In the daytime, breakfast should be done at the latest at nine. It will be beneficial to keep the interval between the main meals between five and six hours.
  • A good diet is not just about changing eating habits. A good diet also includes lifestyle changes, of which sports exercises come first. One of the rules that dieters should follow in order to lose weight in a healthy way is to do sports. In general, doing moderate-paced sports for half an hour to an hour a day will ensure healthy weight loss.
  • In order to lose weight in a healthy way, a healthy sleep pattern should be added to diet and sports exercises. The period when the body maintains its balance repairs its cells and burns fat is the sleep period. Good sleep is essential for mental functions to be in order. It is very important to sleep at least seven hours at night in the whole of life, especially during diet periods.
  • Losing weight does not mean starving. Take care not to starve while losing weight, but keep your calories under control at all times. The ideal is to take about twenty percent less of the total calories you need to take. So don’t go above or below that percentage. Stay balanced, the body loves balance.
  • Spend time in areas with plenty of oxygen. Consume at least two litres of water per day. Avoid all kinds of acidic, caffeinated and sugary drinks. Make sure the pH of the water you drink is high.
  • Keep your meals as simple as possible. If you eat cake, only eat cake. Don’t lose calorie control by adding dozens of sauces.
  • Consume plenty of fibre foods. Focus on green consumption and vegetable consumption. This does not mean that you should only eat vegetables. To get animal proteins, be sure to consume animal products in a balanced way.
  • Do not succumb to drowsiness after the meal. Get up, move, get out into the open air.

Healthy Sample Diet List

7 Day Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Creating diet lists is actually one of the most complicated processes in the whole process. Since the foods that should be consumed according to the deficiencies and excesses of the body also differ, a specialist dietitian should be consulted in the preparation of the ideal diet list. However, there is no problem in sharing some average diet lists for average individuals.

Day 1: Healthy Weight Loss Diet

  • Breakfast: One boiled egg, one wholemeal bread, one slice of semi-skimmed cheese, sugar-free drink. One medium apple for snack.
  • Lunch: Salad prepared with a portion of seasonal vegetables, a slice of wholemeal bread, a slice of cottage cheese. A handful of raisins for snack.
  • Dinner: One portion of boiled chicken breast, half portion of rice pilaf, one portion of boiled vegetables.

Day 2: Healthy Weight Loss Diet

  • Breakfast: A serving of cereal, a glass of low-fat milk, fruit. Medium apple or orange for a snack.
  • Lunch: A sandwich with chicken and greens and a pear. A portion of yoghurt and fruit can be consumed as a snack.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of grilled steak, one portion of boiled beans, half red pepper, half green pepper, half onion.

Day 3: Healthy Weight Loss Diet

  • Breakfast: Medium fruit, a glass of low-fat milk, low-fat cottage cheese. Fruit or low-fat cheese can be consumed as a snack.
  • Lunch: One serving of vegetable soup, one slice of wholemeal bread, one medium fruit. A handful of raisins can be consumed as a snack.
  • Dinner: Medium grilled fish, one medium boiled potato, one serving of boiled vegetables.

Day 4: Healthy Weight Loss Diet

  • Breakfast: A glass of milk, one boiled egg, two wholemeal breads. A handful of nuts can be consumed for snacks.
  • Lunch: Tuna sandwich, raw vegetables to fill you up. Boiled corn can be consumed as a snack.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of grilled steak, half an onion, boiled cauliflower, salad made with greens.

Day 5: Healthy Weight Loss Diet

  • Breakfast: Half a bowl of oats, a glass of skim milk, raisins or a medium apple. A medium-sized fruit can be consumed as a snack.
  • Lunch: Shepherd’s salad, one boiled egg, 100 grams of grilled chicken. Medium-sized fruit can be consumed as a snack.
  • Dinner: Grilled tenderloin, boiled broccoli, a slice of low-fat cheese.

Day 6: Healthy Weight Loss Diet

  • Breakfast: One serving of omelette, one slice of wholemeal bread. Raisins can be consumed as a snack.
  • Lunch: 100 grams of boiled chicken, two slices of wholemeal bread, greens. Medium-sized fruit can be consumed as a snack.
  • Dinner: One serving of chicken in sauce.

Day 7: Healthy Weight Loss Diet 

  • Breakfast: Half an orange, two whole-wheat toast with feta cheese, a glass of low-fat milk. Medium-sized fruit can be consumed as a snack.
  • Lunch: A slice of pizza with vegetables, a portion of green salad. Medium-sized fruit can be consumed as a snack.
  • Dinner: A plate of pasta.

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