7 Super Effective Yoga Poses for Breast Lift Up

When you’re young, you don’t really think about how your breasts will look over the years. But if you want them to always remain in great shape, then yoga classes are just what you need. Some poses will take some time to master, however, many of them are quite capable even for beginners.

Today I will talk about several yoga asanas that will help your breasts stay firm and taut at all times.

1. Cobra Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses for Breast Lift

This asana is also designed to stretch the pectoral muscles. Lie on your stomach, place your arms at your sides, and then lift your upper body.  You must make sure that your feet remain on the floor.

2. Bridge Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses for Breast Lift

This pose will stretch your chest muscles, which will have a positive effect on the shape of your breasts. All you need to do is keep your knees in front of you, put your hands behind your back and raise your torso while arching your spine.

Try not to lift your head off the floor. Hold the position for as long as possible and then move on to the next pose.

3. Viparita Karani Yoga Pose

This asana is for yoga experts only. However, if you do not have enough flexibility, and still want to try to accept it, then do it with support on the wall. Lie on your back and stretch your legs up along the wall. This is not entirely consistent with the classic Viparita Karani yoga pose, but will allow you to get closer to mastering it.

4. Warrior Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses for Breast Lift

All the advantages of this pose will be revealed to you only when you learn how to properly accept it. Be sure to do it!

5. Shirshasana Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses for Breast Lift

In this position, your chest will drop down, which will have a positive effect on its shape. However, in order to take this pose, try to be as safe as possible. If you find it difficult to maintain your balance, ask someone to hold your legs. After a few workouts with a belaying partner, you can try to take this asana yourself.

6. Triangle Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses for Breast Lift

This pose is designed to stretch the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and spine. Plus, it will improve the mobility of the hip joints.

7. Bow Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses for Breast Lift

Don’t worry, this asana is not as scary as it might seem at first glance!

If you warm up properly before doing it, it will be absolutely safe. However, remember that you should not be too zealous and bend your back too much. Don’t worry if you can’t reach your feet at first. Practice and it will work out over time.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, now is the time to start!

Put on your comfortable gym clothes, put on a rug and get started!

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