About us

atFitness was started as a blogging platform to share tips on different niches such as Health, Food, Good Eating Habits, Yoga, Meditation, and more. atFitness is a multifaceted, colorful, and fresh-faced platform, with the right mix of information and health tips on different genres. With utmost care and attention to detail, we ensure that our client is capable of following what is going around in the fitness space.

Our Aim

We at atFitness believe in providing the best quality services to our visitors and clients. We aim to be a platform that solves the problems of its daily visitors by offering them valuable health-related information. We instruct people on maintaining good health by following a proper fitness and diet routine.

Why Choose atFitness?

atFitness is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our main motive is to provide proven information to our visitors related to their health concerns which help us in making a long-term relationship with our clients.

Our informative blogs, tips, and tricks make us different from other Fitness blogging service providers. We always rely on the latest case study and strategy to grab the attention of the readers.

Why should bloggers follow atFitness?

atFitness is helpful to new bloggers or who are willing to write a new blog to share their experiences and information, in order to earn. Bloggers can easily register on atFitness and manage their accounts to become verified authors. We allow users to write guest posts with a do-follow link in the post.

How will it benefit New Bloggers or Guest Post Writers?

  • Bloggers can simply e-mail us their write up at anil@atfitness.in and we will publish the same after reviewing.
  • They can go through any new article and can grow that blog by submitting their reviews on it.
  • They can monetize blogs using AdSense or other monetization alternatives such as affiliate marketing, and more.

Why should visitors and blog readers follow atFitness?

Visitors and blog readers can stay up to date on health-related services, get the latest updates on food and health tips, visitors reviews, and more. This will not help in increasing your knowledge but also help them to stay fit. So, stay visiting!

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