Bodybuilding Workout with Dumbbells

Dumbbell exercises, which are among the first choices of those who want to build their bodies, are an excellent method to get effective results in a short time. In particular, it helps to ensure faster development by supporting the active work of the shoulder, chest, arm and abdominal muscles.

Apart from the gym, you can easily do the exercises at home for bodybuilding exercises that help the muscles get stronger and gain volume. With a few bodybuilding equipments that you can easily obtain, you can continue your work wherever you want.

We would like to point out that you can achieve excellent results even by using dumbbells alone. You can approach your goals step by step with an effective and conscious exercise program that you will prepare for yourself.

Chest Muscle Exercises with Dumbbells

Chest Muscle Exercises with Dumbbells

People who are trying to build their body may have different demands regarding the chest muscle. It is possible to apply exercises that can affect different areas such as upper muscles, lateral chest muscles, chest fibers.

Medium Chest Muscle Development: You can develop the chest area, which is one of the basic bodybuilding exercises, with the help of dumbbells. In addition, you can accelerate your body development with exercises such as bench press, dumbbell press and cable press. The exercises we have mentioned are especially effective for developing the middle chest muscle.

Developing Upper Chest Muscles: If you expect fuller and voluminous chest muscles as a result of the work you will do in your chest area, we recommend you to practice exercises such as incline bench press, incline dumbbell press and hammer incline press.

Developing Side Chest Muscles: Many people evaluate the side chest muscles that best suit the chest aesthetically. After a correct and hard work, you can have effective and beautiful looking chest muscles. You can perform exercises that will be effective on the side chest muscles such as a dip for chest, decline dumbbell fly and cable crossover.

Inner Chest Muscle Exercises: You need to focus on the inner chest muscles in order to have prominent chest muscles, a thin line separating the breasts from the middle, and a shaped and full chest appearance. In particular, you can work with exercises such as Pec deck and dumbbell squeeze press, which cause these areas to work effectively.

Advantages of Dumbbell Exercise

Advantages of Dumbbell Exercise

Eliminates Strength Imbalances: Dumbbell exercises, which help the muscle groups in your arms to work unilaterally, provide effective results in a short time if they are applied regularly. In addition, if there is a difference between the muscle volumes of your two arms, if you prepare your dumbbell exercise program taking this into account, you can eliminate the visual change in between.

Provides Safe Work: It is much safer to work with dumbbells, as it is a non-hazardous working method such as bar, weight bench, bench press, which you do not need the help of. In addition, you can work with peace of mind, as you will not have the possibility of working incorrectly during the application.

You Can Easily Increase Intensity: As with bar exercises, you will not have any difficulties while working alone. You can apply special techniques in the exercise you use dumbbells, and later on, you can increase the exercise intensity and the weight of the equipment you work with as you wish.

Doesn’t Restrict Your Exercises: Since there is no fixed exercise device, you don’t have to sacrifice your freedom of exercise while doing dumbbell exercises. You can add volume to your muscles and help strengthen your muscles thanks to dumbbell exercises, where you can increase the range of motion.

It Prevents Injuries: Dumbbell exercises are safe, but almost all of the potential problems occur due to the shelves where the dumbbells are placed. We would like to emphasize that the reason for this is not that dumbbells are dangerous, but that people act carelessly.

Provides Easy Activation: Dumbbell exercise, which we can say is a necessity for those who want to improve their body, is a practice practiced by many athletes since they actively work more muscle fibers.

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