How to Increase Your Height: Legendary Methods of Increasing Height

Although height growth is dependent on genetic factors, some external factors can help you grow taller. In addition, if you are growing up, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are also very effective in increasing your height. With dietary and lifestyle changes, you can increase your height by an average of 1-5 cm. To prolong … Read more

Body Mass Index in Adults

The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight; far beyond increased energy levels and smaller clothing sizes. By losing weight or maintaining an ideal weight, you can also benefit from the following quality of life factors: Less muscle and joint pain More energy Greater ability to participate in desired activities Better regulation of blood pressure Better … Read more

13 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Increasing low testosterone levels naturally is essential for those aiming for lean muscle mass. These levels are altered by malnutrition, inactivity, and the use of products containing estrogen mimics. Moreover, it gradually decreases every year with age, and its deficiency becomes evident in middle age. As a result, frustrating situations such as belly fat, muscle … Read more

Cardio or Weight for Weight Loss? Which Is Effective for Burning Fat?

Many people who want to lose weight face a difficult question when exercising. Cardio or weight lifting to lose weight? Weight lifting and cardio are the two most popular types of exercise, but which one is more effective for weight loss? In the article, you can find the answers to the questions “cardio or weight to … Read more

5 Tips to End Post-Workout Muscle Pain

Mild fatigue and muscle pain experienced after exercising is to be expected. However, if muscle pain is getting worse and disrupting your workout program, you need to get the situation under control. If you feel pain as if your body has been hit by a truck after exercising and you don’t want to move because … Read more

The Most Intense Cardio Workouts

When we want to lose weight, when we face any health problem that our body needs to be stronger, or in our intense exercise programs, Cardio is a type of exercise that is a part of our lives, consciously or unconsciously. We can even call it a set of exercises. Cardio is the circulatory system … Read more

What is HIIT Cardio and How to Do HIIT Workout?

What is HIIT Cardio? HIIT full form is a high-intensity interval exercise. HIIT is an exercise that uses the cardio aerobic (oxygenated) energy system. HIIT workouts consist of interval exercises. The intensity in HIIT exercise programs is at a high level, and the rest is at a low level. Typically, explosive moves are combined with … Read more

The Most Effective Cardio Exercises

Cardio we hear often; These are exercises that increase the heart rate with effective body movements and accelerate metabolism and blood circulation. Although cardio exercises are not kept in a certain pattern; We can say that it is the whole of all movements that accelerate the heartbeat and increase the pulse. In cardio, the goal … Read more