Effective Bodybuilding Techniques for Building Muscle

Effective Bodybuilding Techniques

Bodybuilding Techniques

If you have started any bodybuilding-related sport, there are many details you need to know, and the most important one is bodybuilding techniques. Humans have a completely different metabolism structure due to their structure, and their metabolic rate also differs. Therefore, instead of staying for a long time while training, bodybuilding techniques should be done effectively and correctly. The person who can do this properly will achieve the same efficiency by working adequately instead of working much more. In the continuation of our article, you can find information about bodybuilding techniques.

High-Intensity Work

High-intensity training includes working out 3 times a week. In this context, 5 sets and 6 repetitions have been adopted as the ideal working style for small muscles to work more efficiently, and 8 sets and 6 repetitions for large muscles. You should make sure that the total duration of the training is an average of one hour and that you do warm-up exercises for 20 minutes before starting the exercises. Warm-up movements are extremely important in order to prevent injuries and injuries that may occur while applying bodybuilding techniques. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that working excessively (for hours every day) causes muscle loss and muscle breakdown, and it is important that the exercises are done with 48-hour intervals, which is the ideal time.

Effective Bodybuilding Techniques for Mass

We can classify high-intensity work as follows.

Renewed Effort Technique: This technique is based on applying the weight or application you will use until your strength is exhausted. For example, instead of maximum weight, you can lift, you can choose a weight that is more comfortable and can do more reps, and you can repeat this weight until you run out of strength instead of sets. Likewise, you can apply the logic of this movement to all muscle groups.

Maximum Effort Technique: If this is the application of this technique, the maximum weight you can lift should be selected. The weight you choose should be lifted in 3 repetitions for 3 weeks. In this technique, it is important to change the movement after 2 weeks.

Dynamic Effort Technique: The most important factor in this technique is speed. Instead of the maximum weight, you can lift, you should choose a more reasonable weight and do the movements very quickly. Doing 8 sets and 3 repetitions in this way will increase your current muscle volume. Likewise, you can easily apply this technique to all muscle groups (abdominal muscles, etc.) you want to work with.

Intensity Increasing

Density increasing is based on 9 basic principles. These 9 essentials are as follows.

  1. Muscles should be deceptively pressed.
  2. Forced reps techniques are applied without the need for help.
  3. When heavy strains occur in the muscles during the movements, you can reduce the weight or working tempo.
  4. By slowing down while lowering the weight, the muscles are forced negatively.
  5. If there are large and small muscle groups working at the same time, the large muscle groups should be tired beforehand, and then the small muscle groups should be highlighted.
  6. As you can rest between sets, you can rest for 30 seconds during the set.
  7. You should give priority to weak muscles.
  8. Variety in movements is important. If there are different movements on the workstation that will work the same muscle group, you should try them as well.
  9. The number of sets to be applied should be increased and the muscles should be forced.

Workout Set Types

  • For beginners in bodybuilding movements, a single set application is considered the basis for bodybuilding movement set types. Although the number of sets for beginners is single, the most effective set number for later periods is 3 sets. In the split system, the number of sets can be determined according to the situation of the person. This system is more suitable for high-level athletes. In the pyramid system, the sets are increased as time is opened differently. This system can also be determined by considering the condition of the athlete.
  • In the superset, instead of performing each set separately, firstly, 2 sets are performed without interruption, and then the only remaining set is applied. In the dev set, on the other hand, the existing 3 sets can be practised at the same time without interruption. These differences are just like the High-Intensity Work that we mentioned at the beginning of our topic.
  • In addition to all these, elements such as eating healthy and consuming high quality and rich foods in terms of protein and carbohydrates are complementary elements for bodybuilding techniques to provide effective efficiency. By using bodybuilding techniques, it is possible to reach more effective mass faster and with less work. Although you need to rest for 48 hours, you can work by keeping this interval shorter and reducing the number of sets. In addition, by increasing the number of sets, you can increase your post-workout rest period to 3-4 days instead of 48 hours.
  • You have read information about bodybuilding techniques. It would be more appropriate to ask your trainer for help to determine the most efficient program for you.

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