Hip Melt Diet: What is the Hip Slimming Diet?

Hip Melt Diet

Women complain about excess weight in the hip area, and one of the most important problems here is regional slimming. It is because we act unconsciously. For such problems, the hip melting diet can provide miracle solutions. There are diet programs specially prepared for regional slimming, and with these programs, you can only address the hip area and eliminate the lubrication there. Another known misconception about diet programs is that every diet program will starve the person. It is also possible to lose weight without being hungry and by eating healthy. If you are also facing the problem of wide hips and you are complaining about this problem, you can apply for hip melting diet programs and support this area with sportive activities in a more perfect way.

What Causes Hip Formation?

We all tend to gain weight as we get older, although there are differences based on age and gender. Over time, hormones accumulate fat in the pelvis and hips of women and the abdomen of men. For women, this sex-specific oil appears to be physiologically advantageous, at least during pregnancies. However, it also causes cellulite formation.

During their lifetime, women have a higher body fat percentage than men. For example, by age 25, healthy-weight women will have nearly twice the body fat of healthy-weight men. This gender gap starts early in life. From birth to age six, the number and size of fat cells in both males and females triple, causing a gradual and similar increase in body fat. However, after about eight years of age, women begin to gain more fat mass than men.

During puberty growth, the rate of increase in fat in women almost doubles that of men. Larger fat cells form and occur mostly in the pelvis, hips and thighs, and to a lesser extent in the breasts. This overall acceleration in body fat accumulation, particularly sex-specific fat, is mostly due to changes in female hormone levels, namely estrogen level.

Although we are physiologically disadvantaged, we can overcome this problem by eating a hip melting diet. While following the diet, you can also do sports and exercise to shape the hip area.

Hip Slimming Diet

Hip Problem

The hip problem, which is one of the problems caused by the body index, is one of the issues that many women complain about. There are such examples around you, and although the waist part is thin, the hip part is too wide. Unfortunately, this situation brings with it some visual problems and complaints. One of the most important reasons why diet programs do not work is the unconscious implementation of diet programs. In order to eliminate the hip problem, you need to choose regional weight loss programs, otherwise, you will not be able to benefit. Soon, we will share with you a sample diet list that will help you eliminate the hip problem in a short time.

What is the Hip Slimming Diet?

We can define it as one of the diet programs that appear under the name of regional slimming. With this diet program, other parts of your body will not be damaged in any way and it will be much easier to reach the hip area. Dieters lose weight from one place and gain weight from another because they act unconsciously, and this obviously disrupts the body balance. In order to provide visual integrity, it is necessary to give importance to the regional diet. It will also be possible to eliminate excess weight and lubrication in the hip area with a hip slimming diet. The sample diet list we will share is ready to help you in this regard.

What Are the Nutrients in a Hip Slimming Diet?

Fish fillet, vegetable soup with artichokes, dried apricots, arugula salad, fruit salad, green lentil dish… Here are some of the foods included in the hip slimming diet. We will share a 3-day program with you shortly, and you will clearly feel the effect in a short period of 5 days.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With The Hip Loss Diet?

It is possible to lose 5 kilos in 1 week. It may seem like a miracle to some of you, but if you follow the diet program regularly and completely, you will also notice that your hips begin to melt slowly.

How Long Can I Lose Weight with the Hip Melt Diet?

How long it takes to lose weight with a hip melting diet or any diet varies from person to person and actually varies according to the activity. The basic rules are as follows:

  • If the calories you burn during the day are more than the calories you take, you will lose weight.
  • The more you weigh, the faster you will lose weight with exercise and diet. For example, a 1-hour brisk walk for a 100-lb person burns about 500 calories. A 50lb person burns about 100 calories with the same exercise.
  • When you first start diet and exercise, you will lose weight faster. This process slows down as you approach a healthy weight.
  • In which part of the body the fat is most collected (here the hips), the complete thinning of that region takes place in the last stages.
  • Exercises that work these areas are beneficial in regional lubrication, but whole body-cardio exercises are actually more effective for this lubrication. These are like walking and jogging. Swimming is also effective if you can.
  • The more you are above your healthy weight, the more time you need to apply. For example, if your fat ratio is over 30, you will reach a healthy weight in 6 months, if it is over 20, in 3 months.

When you fully implement diet and exercise programs, you will start to see the differences in 1 week. For example, if you take 1800 calories per day and 2000 calories you burn, you are expected to lose an average of 2 kilos per week. The more you increase this difference, the more weight you will lose. The way to lose fat from the areas where fat is collected the most:

  • Eating a protein-rich, low-carb and fat diet
  • Performing both cardio (walking, jogging) and regional exercises regularly

How to Lose Hip

Sample Hip Slimming Diet

Hip Slimming Diet Day 1 List


You can start the day with honey and lemon warm milk on an empty stomach in the morning. It is recommended to consume it about half an hour before breakfast. 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 1 glass of low-fat goat’s milk are some of the foods that will be included in our breakfast. Finally, we complete our breakfast with 1 teaspoon of ground flaxseed.


It is possible to pass the snack with green apple and walnut. Both foods should be consumed as 1 piece.


200 grams of grilled chicken. We can make our menu a little richer with a green salad.


Low-fat goat’s milk and 4 dried apricots. 1 glass of goat’s milk will be enough and will keep you full for a while. Dinner: We complete our dinner with a purslane meal and green salad. Before bed: 1 green apple

Buttocks Slimming Diet Day 2 List

Breakfast: We can take our steps for breakfast with 1 slice of whole grain bread. We complete our breakfast with 2 green peppers, parsley and seasonal greens. We can enrich our menu with a small amount of low-fat cheese.

Snack: 1 kiwi

Lunch: 200 grams of grilled fish and purslane salad with plenty of lemons.

Snack: 6 almonds and low-fat goat’s milk

Dinner: Vegetable soup (1 bowl)

Before bed: 6 strawberries or 8 plums

Hip Slimming Diet 3rd Day List

Breakfast: 2 green peppers, parsley, some curd cheese and 1 slice of whole-grain bread.

Snack: 1 pear

Lunch: 4 very cooked meatballs, 3 roasted peppers and lastly, rocket salad with lemon.

Snack: Herbal tea

Dinner: Green lentil dinner and seasonal salad

Before going to bed: 3 walnut kernels

You can also apply for the 3-day diet program in the long term, and the slimming effect will be clearly observed within a 1-week period. Do not forget to have general health checks before applying the diet.

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