The Right Deadlift Form

Deadlift, which is one of the most effective movements that can be applied to the lower body, is one of the exercises that is definitely included in everyone’s training program, but most people do it wrong. Although it is a very effective movement, we will try to make deadlift safer for you in this article, which can invite injuries with incorrect takeoffs and landings. We will try. In this content, which we started by explaining how to do a standard deadlift, you can discover the mistakes you have made without realizing it, and you can perfect this move!

How To Deadlift

How to Deadlift?

The deadlift is basically a bending motion similar to a squat. Its distinctive and most distinctive feature is an exercise performed using a weight, or even directly using barbells/barbells. Therefore, it is very important to do it carefully in order to get high efficiency and not to be injured. So how do you do a standard deadlift? Let’s explain step by step.

  • Open your legs hip-width apart. This position is very important. If you spread your legs shoulder-width apart, you will have to bend your arms at the elbows when you bend over. That means you’re off to a bad start.
  • Position the bar so that it rests between your toes and your heels.
  • Open your feet about 15 degrees outward. Do not open anymore.
  • Bend down with your knees bent and hold the bar with both hands with your arms shoulder-width apart. Do not bend your arms in this position.
  • Have your back straight and positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground. Your hips should also be in line with your back.
  • Lift your knees outward, your hips forward, and the bar slightly touching your shins. Notice that you are raising your shoulders, lower back, or body with the bar at this time. Try not to lift your body before.
  • Lower the bar following the same instructions as in the starting position.

Most Common Deadlift Mistakes

With a more effective and accurate deadlift, you can improve your lower body faster than you can imagine… However, achieving this requires minimizing the mistakes we have listed below. Here are those most common deadlift mistakes!

Legs too Far Ahead

Most athletes reflexively bend your legs forward. However, this causes the muscle muscles to be untargeted or mistargeted. That’s why you need to set your alignment well. For a better deadlift, the bar should be neither too forward nor too far back. Your feet should be between your heels and your toes. Thus, you will not need to push your legs forward and gain strength while lifting the barbell.

Looking Up While Lifting the Barbell

How To Perfect Your Deadlift

Many athletes reflexively raise their head to look up when lifting weights. This can cause injury to the spine and neck muscles. Therefore, keeping the spine neutral throughout the movement is essential for healthy exercise.

The Trunk Is Too Upright

Deadlift is not a ‘squat’ move. While doing this exercise, your body does not always have to be upright, as in squats. On the contrary, when you lean towards the barbell, you should bend your back slightly (without hunching). This will increase the load on your hips.

Rise of the Hip Too Fast

Athletes raise their hips before they realize it, but this is wrong. To pull the barbell up while deadlifting, the lower back must be extended. This causes the shoulders and hips to lift at the same time. This will help you make the exercise both more balanced and suitable for the targeted muscles.

Removing the Bar from the Body

One of the most common mistakes made is to pull the bar away from the body while pulling the bar up. However, every time the bar moves away from your body during movement, it means more load on your waist. This invites injury. So as you lift the barbell up, touch it to your body along your upper thighs and hips.

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