How to Get Six Pack Abs at Home?

Abdominal muscles are one of the easiest muscle groups to get into shape at home. It is not necessary to go to the gym or buy space-saving sports equipment to develop your abdominal muscles. However, the abdomen is the most lubricated part of the body. In order to have a pronounced abdominal muscle, it is necessary to supplement the exercises with diet. This makes the abs hard to obtain. The motivating point is that a very good abdominal muscle is evident despite the weight. If you are just starting out and want to get significant results in a short time, you should support your exercises with diets that will nourish the muscles while losing weight, such as a protein diet.

Exercise to Get Six Pack Abs at Home

1. Lateral Abdominal Muscles

The side abdominal muscles are very important for the baklava to look beautiful. If the lateral abdominal muscles are neglected, a prominent six pack becomes impossible. This move can also be done without using weights. The left hand is at the back of the neck and the right hand is lowered to the knee. Then exhale and lift up.

2. Shuttle

Although the sit-up movement may seem very difficult at first, it is essential to develop the upper abdominal muscles in a short time. Still, there are alternatives for those who say they don’t do sit-ups. The body should never be lifted completely while doing the shuttle movement. Lifting the torso completely reduces muscle development and is harmful to health. It will be more efficient if the shuttle is done slowly.

3. Make the Shuttle Effective

To increase the dose of the sit-up movement, raise your left leg as in the photo and approach as if it is touching your leg with your right arm. Do the same movement by raising your right leg. This movement gives the load divided into two in the shuttle to one side.

4. Leg Lift

There are exercises to develop the lower abdominal muscles, such as cycling in the air. But this is the basic movement that develops the lower abs. The hands do not have to be on the nape. It can also be done on the sides and with the palms facing the ground. Doing this movement slowly is important for both waist health and muscle development.

5. Stickless Twist

Twist is the movement of turning the waist up and down, while keeping the waist down. The opposite can also be done. In other words, while the waist is fixed, the bottom of the waist can be turned. However, our aim is to make twists without using any tools. If desired, an equal amount of weight can be taken to the hands. The knees are slightly bent and kept stable. The body is turned left and right as much as it can stretch.

6. Fixed Posture for Side Abdomen

We talked about how important the side abdominal muscles are for the appearance of the baklava. This move is also an alternative for the side abs. Since there is no movement, it can be done without sweating too much.

7. Plank Exercise

The plank pose works almost all the abdominal muscles. This movement, which is an alternative to sit-ups, can be done without much sweating. If you find this movement passive, you can also do push-ups.

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