How to Lose Weight with Cycling

Cycling Workout Benefits

Cycling is not only an enjoyable hobby but also a great way to keep your body healthy. Cycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight. Cycling not only gains a good mood, but cycling also makes you lose weight. In the article I wrote for you; What is the effect of cycling on weight loss? Does cycling make you lose weight? You can find answers to many questions such as: Let’s see, lose weight by cycling, let’s start the article.

Which muscles are used in cycling?

Cycling works on your thighs and ankles, arm muscles, shoulders and abs. In terms of calorie burn, cycling is comparable to running, aerobics and dancing. Cycling can effectively strengthen the calf and thigh muscles and provide good relief as these are the most active muscles while cycling.

Leg muscles make up about one-third of the total muscle. Cycling is an excellent way to strengthen the cardiovascular system, speed up metabolism and regulate the respiratory system.

Most of the load while cycling; rides on the buttocks, abdominal muscles and calves. Also, cycling is beneficial in preventing varicose veins and cycling can be classified as cardio exercise.

Cycling Workout Benefits

Points to Consider While Cycling to Lose Weight

  • Don’t beat yourself up on the first day just because I’m going to lose weight by cycling. Plan how much weight you will lose in the long term by cycling, not sudden weight loss.
  • Make sure the bike you ride is compatible with your height and weight. Trying to lose weight on a small bike can be hellish.
  • Do not start a weight loss program with a bicycle before adjusting the height of the seat and the steering wheel.
  • To do cycling training, your clothes must be comfortable and moveable. Don’t try to ride a bike in jeans.
  • Do light-paced bike rides for the first 3 days. No one expects professional cycling success from you. Gradually increase your cycling time.
  • If you are going to do weight loss rides using a bicycle, do not forget to take the pump and the necessary repair items against the tire explosion.
  • Before choosing the way to lose weight by bike, make sure to consult your doctor beforehand. Although the effect of cycling on weight loss is quite large, your health comes first.
  • Do not ride a bike in bad weather or when you are not feeling well.

How Much Weight Does Cycling Lose?

How much weight does the bike lose in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months is based entirely on estimated calculations. Although it is very difficult to give a clear answer to this question since we do not know your height and weight exactly, we will try to answer this question by considering an average person who has an extra 10-15 kilos, since I get a lot of questions about how much weight can be lost by cycling.

How much weight does it take to ride a bike for 1 hour a day?

Although this varies according to your height and weight, an average person can lose 3-4 kilos in a month and 1-1.5 kilos in a week by cycling for 1 hour a day every day. Cycling is very important. Sometimes it can be difficult to lose weight just by cycling. Surely we should ride a bike every day, but we should also do it on a diet. Otherwise, losing weight by cycling is probably a dream.

How much weight will you lose by cycling for 2 hours a day?

By cycling briskly and following a diet, cycling for 2 hours a day (100 km) will make you lose 5-6 kilos per month. But if you want to lose weight just by cycling without dieting, you can only lose 1-2 kilos by cycling for 2 hours a day, even if you travel 100 km.

How many hours a day should you ride a bike?

Knowing that too much of everything is harmful depending on what pace you are riding this bike if you are cycling every day, 1 hour of cycling a day will be enough. In fact, some days, weight, resistance or other cardio exercises can be done instead of cycling to surprise the body.

Advantages of the bike

  • Compared to other means of transportation, bicycles have many undeniable advantages and benefits. The fuel cost situation in cycling is the main advantage in saving. It is not necessary to refuel the bike.
  • Buying a bike is not as costly and costly as buying a car every month. Also, you don’t need to pay to get a license to ride a bike. If the places you will go are in the city and you do not have a lot of time and money, the bicycle is very advantageous in this regard.
  • Cycling can give you a certain amount of freedom. Especially getting on crowded buses and minibuses to go to work or to go to the bazaar cannot even come close to travelling comfortably by bicycle.
  • By riding a bike, you can breathe fresh air, which is very beneficial especially in the morning, and do a series of physical exercises that have a positive effect on health and well-being.

Disadvantages of Bicycles

  1. Of course, bikes also have their downsides. It is impossible to carry heavy or oversized cargo or cargo and you cannot travel long enough distances.
  2. Due to the snow and cold in winter, the bike can be used more in warm seasons.
  3. If you have a large family, it is very difficult to go out by bike even if it is a short trip together.

Indoor Cycling Benefits Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program by Cycling

Weight loss by cycling training program can be performed in the following order:

  • 10-minute non-cycling warm-up exercises.
  • 15 minutes of smooth road riding at a light pace.
  • 10 minutes of non-stop fast driving at a brisk pace by increasing the speed.
  • 2 minutes of intermittent pedal pressing, opening our feet to the right and left and resting movement.
  • 10 minutes of a light-paced uphill climb.
  • After climbing the slope, descending slowly without pedalling.
  • Fast-paced fat-burning ride as fast as we can go for 5 minutes.
  • Normal pace driving for rest.
  • Repeat these sets for at least 1 hour.

At the end of our cycling workout for weight loss, stretch your muscles well, take a warm shower or bath to prevent muscle aches and cramps. Remember, the most effective weight loss program with cycling is the one that gives you pleasure. Using a bike to lose weight, combined with proper nutrition and observance of all necessary rules and conditions, you can not only lose extra pounds but also develop muscles and increase endurance.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cycling?

  • Sedentary life is a 21st century disease for people in developed countries. A sedentary life leads to the limitation of muscle contraction, which slows down bodily functions. Our most important vital system, our musculoskeletal system, will be seriously affected by a sedentary life.
  • A sedentary lifestyle causes the body’s metabolism and energy to collapse and blood flow to slow, leading to insufficient oxygenation to organs and tissues. As a result, the number of people diagnosed with obesity and atherosclerosis is increasing, and cycling is a great way to prevent these diseases.
  • Cycling not only works the legs but also all the muscle groups in the upper body. High speeds are not required to increase blood circulation and saturate the tissues with oxygen, on an ordinary flat road, moderate exercise is enough to reap the benefits of cycling.
  • Cycling outdoors has an emotionally positive effect. Most of those who do not like a healthy lifestyle, spend their free time; He spends his time watching TV, going to bars, or watching popular Netflix movies. Cyclists use their free time in completely different ways, especially in the summer. Wouldn’t it be a great experience to cycle to the nearest picnic area or village where you live?
  • Cycling can give you a chance to think about your life. Fresh air fully contributes to the emergence of new plans and new ideas, as well as finding a way out of difficulties. Cycling can also eliminate alcohol consumption. In short, the bicycle is an amazing invention that we can use our free time in a valuable way.

Tips for Losing Weight by Cycling

  • Stay away from weight loss drugs while you are cycling to lose weight!

Marketers say that this dietary supplement can cause rapid weight loss, but in general this is due to draining water from the body, not burning fat. Both cycling and taking weight loss pills will result in the loss of essential fats and essential minerals, which will affect not only your performance but also your overall health.

  • Don’t stop eating because I’m going to lose weight on the bike!

Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast 1 hour before cycling can improve your metabolism. Therefore, if you start working on an empty stomach, your body will retain fat and not burn it because it cannot get the necessary energy source. Hungry people try to conserve all the necessary resources that may be needed in extreme situations. That’s why we have to eat to lose weight by bike.

  • Try to stay away from gluten while doing a cycling exercise program.

Be careful with gluten. More and more people are realizing that consuming too much gluten can lead to uncomfortable symptoms. People with gluten intolerance have trouble digesting grains. If they do intense cycling training while feeling bad and tired, they may have health problems. If you have similar symptoms after eating grain-based products, it is better to switch to bananas, potatoes, apples, oranges and other foods.

  • If you want to be a solid cyclist, take vitamin supplements from natural foods.

To be a good cyclist you should eat vegetables, chicken and fish as your main diet. Try to get all the vitamins and proteins you need from food rather than supplements. Eating right can not only burn more fat, but also get rid of the habit of eating junk food.

  • Challenge yourself to burn more fat by cycling.

Studies have shown that consuming a lot of oxygen after cycling exercise stimulates fat burning. So, at the end of a long cycling sport, do one or more vigorous 3 minutes of very fast cycling. This extreme high-impact cycling will further stimulate the process of burning fat stores.

The thought of losing weight by riding a bike is one of the healthiest ideas you can think of in your life. For this, get approval by consulting your doctor before wasting any time, and then buy a nice bike and start your weight loss adventure by cycling.


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