Is It Possible to Be Fit and Fat?

With social media starting to cover every moment of our lives, we have come to try to look slim and to be perfect at every moment. This brings us to what we call the “weight bias”. So, is everyone considered fit at the same weight? Or can we be healthy at higher weights?

Especially in recent years, the models we see on the screens are getting smaller and smaller. The gap between the “ideal body image” imposed on us in various ways and the appearance of the majority of the female population around the world is getting deeper day by day.

However, this view, which argues that the secret of being healthy and beautiful is hidden in thinness, is now close to filling its expiration date! The definition of being fit and healthy is being redefined. Today is the day to break the stereotype that thin is always healthy and beautiful, and to make history the laws set by the weight bias.

Can You Be Fat and Fit

Should everyone lose weight to be fit?

The view that the body mass index is the only tool that shows the “healthy weight” is now losing its credibility. Because, according to this idea, it doesn’t matter whether a person is athletic or has the healthiest habits in the world. The only thing that matters is whether the weight is in the “normal” range… Simple and straightforward logic!

Do you exercise regularly and do not compromise on healthy eating habits? However, if you are somewhat overweight, does that alone indicate that you are unhealthy? Scientific research says that the most important thing is a lifestyle that supports your health, as well as blood pressure status, cholesterol, blood sugar level and hormone level. All of these appear to be much more important criteria than the body mass index.

High weight and high body fat rate, which are classified as obesity, are risk factors for many diseases, yes. However, if you do not fight such high weights and know that your fat ratio is not high, do not succumb to the perception of beauty you see on television. Create your own best. Because whether you are fit or not is not just how you look. If your energy is high, if you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, if you don’t have trouble doing activities such as climbing stairs, if you don’t feel short of breath during simple activities, you probably fall into the fit category.

Be Fat and Fit

What is the criterion of being healthy?

You can stay healthy while living in an overweight body. No one claims that being overweight does not trigger certain problems such as diabetes and heart disease. However, we need to recognize that weight is not the cause of all evil, and that thinness is not the cure for all ills.

It is necessary to look for the criterion of being healthy beyond the relationship between weight and health. For example, blood pressure, glucose level and cholesterol in your body can give clues about how healthy you are.

Persisting in a healthy lifestyle becomes your biggest indicator of health, no matter what weight you are. In summary, instead of the imposed “fit” perception, it is possible to create your own ideal by eating healthy and exercising regularly at the weight where you feel the best!

Fit and Fat Meaning

The way to be fit and healthy at any weight

Of course, we are not talking about obesity and very high weights, but not everyone has to lose weight to be healthy and fit. When you follow a few golden rules, it is possible to protect your health at any weight.

Not limited, but balanced and nutritious eating habits, consuming plenty of water, regular sleep, regular exercise and of course staying away from stress are enough to provide you with the fit and healthy life you often dream of. Let’s take the first step towards healthy eating to create your own ideal!

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