Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Practicing yoga takes you on a physical, spiritual and mental journey. In this way, it supports you to gain both physical and personal development by helping you put yourself in the way you feel best. However, in addition to all these developments, doing yoga also helps you seriously in terms of weight loss and fat burning. Yoga literally means to ensure the inner development of the person. At the same time, people who practice yoga are also very successful in stress management. They become more in control of both their brains and their bodies. Yoga helps them maintain control.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

  • Your body stretches and tightens.
  • It makes your psychology more smooth by emptying your mind.
  • Thanks to breathing exercises, you will be much healthier.
  • It allows you to sleep much more efficiently.
  • It helps you to lose weight and shape your body by burning calories.
  • Your stress level decreases.

Types of yoga

There are many different types of yoga, and there are different subjects that they all work well for. Because the movements and breathing exercises applied in all of them are different. In this way, you work a different part of your body in each different yoga practice you do.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a practice that focuses on relaxation. But it also includes using pillows and blankets to increase comfort and deepen relaxation. Yoga nidra is practiced mainly for meditation and relaxation. It reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It has also been proven to improve sleep.

Vinyasa yoga

This type of yoga is the practice of yoga with the help of breathing movements and different postures. Postures change according to breathing. Vinyasa yoga is a more active form of yoga than other styles of yoga. It is one of the most suitable yoga styles for people who love variety in terms of yoga postures. Compared to yoga nidra, it is more aerobic. This accelerates fat loss and increases weight loss.

Bikram yoga

This yoga type, with 26 postures and breathing exercises required of yoga is a type. Also known as hot yoga, bikram yoga can be practiced in environments with 40 degrees temperature and 40% humidity. In other words, it is one of the most suitable types of yoga for yoga lovers who like to sweat. A session can last about 90 minutes. It can burn about 300 to 500 calories per person. In other words, it is one of the most suitable types of yoga for yoga lovers who want to lose weight.

How Does Yoga Lose Weight?

Losing weight by doing yoga is somewhat relative. While some types of yoga provide rapid weight loss according to the movements and activity level they contain, some types of yoga do not have any benefit in weight loss. So if you are someone who wants to lose weight, you need to know that you cannot lose weight just by doing yoga. But if you add yoga to your weekly physical activity list, your activity will increase faster. In this way, you will have a faster metabolism and burn fat faster. Although yoga does not provide as fast a fat burning as other aerobic classes, it reduces stress. Thus, the stress of the diet of the declining person changes and he needs a much healthier diet. This indirectly helps to lose weight. In addition, practicing yoga allows one to get to know one’s own body. In this way, the person who practices yoga understands how to feel better and creates a new healthy lifestyle for himself and continues on this path. In this way, he becomes a much more fit and healthy person.

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