Weight Loss with Pilates

pilates help with weight loss

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates helps you achieve a proper physique. In addition, it gives flexibility to your body, teaches regular and correct breathing exercises, and allows you to rest your soul. It is also used in the treatment of various diseases. Pilates provides a correct posture, reduction in joint and bone pain, increase in muscle mass, desired physical appearance, support in quality of life, and ease in the process of adapting to environments.

How Many Calories Are Burned With Pilates?

Studies have shown that pilates at the beginner burns an average of 280 calories, 390 at a moderate level, and 480 at an advanced level. Working locally while doing Pilates exercises will cause thinning.

Weight Loss with Pilates

The Effect of Pilates on Weight Loss

Weight Loss with Pilates has been a topic of interest lately. The subject of Weight Loss with Pilates has become clear with the results of the researches. Pilates is an exercise system that has significant benefits for our body. Focusing on using the mind and body, pilates tightens your body, helps you gain lean muscle mass, and corrects your posture. Doing Pilates at least three times a week will increase your strength, endurance and flexibility. We will look at weight loss with Pilates in more detail.

Pilates helps you lose weight in a healthy way. But the keyword here is help. If you are doing pilates to lose weight, we should correct your eating habits and add movement to our lives outside of pilates. Without these, it is not right to expect a change in the scale. Pilates exercises that you will do regularly will help you lose weight.

What Does the Research Say About Weight Loss with Pilates?

A 2014 study of 300 women showed that doing pilates in combination with aerobic exercises helps with weight loss and reduces fat mass. Another study conducted in 2017 observed 37 obese women between the ages of 30 and 50. The researchers concluded that the eight-week pilates exercise resulted in reductions in body weight, body mass index, and abdominal and hip measurements.

Weight loss also depends on other factors such as lifestyle and eating habits. If you make changes in your life on these issues, pilates will really benefit you.

How Often Should Pilates Be Done?

Pilates should not be thought of as a sport that is done only to shape the body. In addition to shaping our bodies, our thoughts and spirit also have a shaping effect.

People think that when they exercise, they can distract their minds much more easily. In fact, we can say that this thought is a correct thought. Sports or any other activity helps a person to be more self-confident in life by increasing the level of well-being of his social life. For example, you lost 50 kilos for a long time with sports and diet. There is no trace of your old self. Doesn’t your self-confidence come back? Of course it comes. At this point, determination and ambition become an inseparable duo.

Pilates, which you will do every day for a minimum of 15-30 minutes, can provide you with hundreds of benefits for many years. It is entirely up to you to look fit and young even after you have passed the age of 40. Don’t be in a hurry and be patient. As you feel and see your change, your ambition and determination will increase, so you will make pilates your own duty.

The choices you make throughout your life are what determine your destiny. If you want your body to change, you have to set your preferences in that direction and move forward. Everyone has the right to a healthy life and a beautiful looking body. The effort you will make to achieve this will make great contributions to you in your future life.

Who Should Prefer Weight Loss with Pilates?

Pilates is among the types of sports that can be done to meet the need for sports in diets. Pilates is a type of sport that needs to be done in a very controlled way, has the capacity to work all the muscles of the body, and can be considered as the key to regional slimming. Although it seems to be suitable for women in general, it is a type of sport that people of all genders must do.

In addition, some physical competences are sought due to the fact that the muscles are being forced too much.

  • Pilates can be done to live a healthy life, or it can be done directly to lose weight. It is generally done by adding to other sports types because although it is insufficient for general weight loss, it is very valuable for regional weight loss. In order to easily burn the excess fat in the waist and hip area, exercises that affect these areas can be done.
  • It should be done under the guidance of a specialist in the field of Pilates. In this way, correct angles, correct times and correct movements can be captured. You can find the most suitable exercises for your personal characteristics only with the help of an expert. Pilates moves are quite a lot. Finding the right one of these movements is only possible with the help of an expert.
  • It is generally said that anyone can do pilates. Pilates is not recommended for those with serious physical problems and pregnant women. Especially as the birth approaches, it becomes a necessity to give up pilates. The scope of physical problems is limited to fractures, dislocations and osteoporosis. Those who have these may be deprived of many pilates movements because their bone structures are weak. If they want to do pilates, they should work with someone who is an expert in this field.
  • If pilates is done to lose weight, it can be preferred by every person without any problems. Especially those with regional lubrication; Those who have disproportionately accumulated fat in the waist and hip areas should prefer pilates. Those who want to balance their body sizes can easily achieve this by doing pilates. If a balanced weakening of the whole body is desired, another type of exercise must be included alongside pilates. Running is the simplest auxiliary sport that can meet this need.

does pilates help with weight loss

Is Pilates Ideal for Weight Loss?

Pilates promises a slim and firm body. Pilates weight loss is done indirectly. Intense muscular work is the best way to speed up metabolism in the human body. Pilates more than meets this, and the muscles become very active. Our metabolism, which we accelerate with regular exercises, allows us to burn more calories. Pilates exercises, which we maintain with a balanced and adequate diet, make us lose weight seriously. In addition to losing weight, its benefits for our body are extremely important. In particular, providing an upright posture reduces many pains. At the same time, it allows us to move very comfortably in our daily life with a flexible body.

Can I Lose Weight Quickly With Pilates?

If you want to lose weight quickly, you can’t do it just by doing pilates. Is it possible to lose weight with Pilates? Pilates will give you more than you want in terms of tightening your body and looking slimmer. Weight loss is possible with Pilates. Making Pilates your workout routine will help you lose weight in the long run. Weight loss does not happen quickly with Pilates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight with pilates.

Is Pilates a Good Exercise for Weight Loss?

Pilates is effective for toning, gaining lean muscle and good posture. Pilates helps you lose weight in a healthy way. However, pilates may not be as effective in losing weight as other cardio exercises such as running, walking, and cycling. The reason for this is that you burn fewer calories in a pilates session compared to these exercises. If you want to lose weight quickly by doing pilates, you should do it together with high-calorie exercises.

Does Pilates Lose Weight Fast?

A 20-minute cardio exercise that you will do before or after your Pilates session will help you lose weight fast. A 60-pound person will burn an average of 200 calories with a 50-minute pilates session. Supporting this with a 20-minute cardio exercise before or after the session will burn you almost 500 calories in total. This will help you lose weight fast. With a well-planned balanced diet, you can lose weight quickly by doing pilates.

In How Many Weeks Does Pilates Show Its Effect?

Doing pilates at least 4 days a week will be very good for both your body and your soul. Warm-up movements at the beginning of Pilates, followed by a light-paced program and the intensity when approaching the end make pilates practitioners very happy and satisfied. By spending a minimum of half an hour during the day, you can get the body you want in 45-60 days. Of course, this may vary depending on the intensity of pilates you do, your diet and your body. The important thing is to do it with perseverance without interruption. In the first 1-2 weeks when you start Pilates, you should prefer light-paced programs. Starting pilates with heavy programs suddenly can harm your body and muscles. But the healthiest thing is to start pilates with an instructor in the first place.

Getting started is half-finished is a very complementary saying for pilates and other sports. The important thing is that you decide and do not lose your belief that you will change. Completing your body, soul and mental integrity will also be easier thanks to pilates.

can pilates help with weight loss

Does Pilates Shape the Body?

With the developing period, people have now made slimming a visual obsession. We can say that they almost fight to achieve the qualities brought by the existing perception of beauty. At this point, pilates is one of the sports done to get the body in shape. After knowing the points to be considered, it can be done easily in the home environment. This is a great opportunity for those who can’t get to the gym because of working and running. Sports, no matter what branch, helps shape your body. For example, we can easily distinguish the body of a weightlifter from the body of a fitness trainer. Since doing Pilates will shape your body as well as shape it, you will look healthier and fitter. If you want to get in shape, add pilates to your diet. Do not forget that the bodies of a 50 kg person who does pilates and a person of the same weight who does not do pilates will not look the same. Although we are the same height and weight, the body of the person doing pilates looks much more fit and healthy.

Pilates, which will improve your concentration, breathing and thinking skills, should not be seen as an action that will only shape the body. It should be done with love and feeling, and thus permanent and reasonable results should be obtained.

What Are Pilates Exercises?

Stretching Movement

Lie on your back in a stretched position with your arms up on either side of your head. With the arms in the up position, inhale and slowly extend the arms towards the feet. In the meantime, exhale and the head touches the knees and wait for a while in a tense manner. The movement is repeated in accordance with the individual.
Belly Movement

In the 90-degree position, the feet are long and stretched. The feet are lifted halfway up and it is tried to stay balanced on the waist area. The arms are stretched to the feet and the stretching movement is repeated to change the angle between them.

Hundred Movement

Lie on your back on the ground. With the arms stretched, only the neck is supported by leaning forward and getting up, a half-squat movement is provided.

Leg Movement

In the supine position, the feet are balanced on the hands with the heels. The legs are stretched upwards and lowered, respectively. Repeat for both legs.

Bicycle Movement

Lie on your back on the ground. The legs are brought together and bent at the waist towards the head. The waist is supported by the hands. While the feet are up, the leg is lowered and raised again by bending the knee, respectively. Repeated pedalling motion is observed in both legs.

Hip Movement

In the 90-degree position, the feet are stretched. Hands are placed on the floor behind. The two legs are brought together and lifted upwards. Exhale and stretch the leg to the right and left.

Things to Consider While Doing Pilates

  • It is also inconvenient to start Pilates after getting up from a meal and on an empty stomach. It is appropriate to do it at least 1-1.5 hours after meals in order to avoid any problems during exercise. The body should not be loaded with water suddenly. Room temperature water should be preferred in small sips as needed.
  • In the meal made before Pilates, foods rich in carbohydrates and protein should be consumed. Whole-grain bread can be preferred for carbohydrates, and eggs, grilled chicken, fish and meat products for protein.
  • Pilates consumes fewer calories than many other sports. It mostly consists of movements for the flexibility of the body and the strength of the muscles. Therefore, attention should be paid to the amount of calories taken with food. Otherwise, it may cause you to gain weight.
  • Since it is an effective type of exercise for the muscles, skim milk to be consumed afterward will support increasing muscle mass. During this exercise, individuals aiming to lose weight should pay attention to daily calcium, mineral intake and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • The principle of Pilates is based on the concept of balance. In addition to providing the balance between the body and mind, it also includes a balanced diet. When this process as a whole is completed, it will be possible to get effective results.

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