How to Lose Weight Fast: Simple Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

If you want to lose the few pounds you gained in the winter as summer approaches, you need to adjust your daily diet to include less carbohydrates and higher amounts of protein. In addition, regular practice of fast weight loss exercises that will directly work your muscles will also help you reach your goal. All of the exercises in the content activate the largest muscle groups in your body and will use the most energy when working.

Before you start doing the exercises, you can find out if you have a health problem by contacting your doctor. In addition, warming up the muscle groups of the area you will be working for five minutes can eliminate the possibility of negativity you may experience. If you experience sudden muscle or joint pain during training, it would be appropriate to stop the movement.

1. Squat

Full Body Weight Loss Exercise

You can perform the squat movement, which is normally performed with weights carried on the shoulders or hands, by using your body weight. For this, open your legs at the level of your shoulders. Then slowly begin to crouch down towards the ground; meanwhile, you can clasp your hands on your neck or extend both your arms in parallel. Once your squat reaches a low chair height, stand up again at the same pace. You can repeat the exercise, which you can normally perform in 3 sets and 12 repetitions, as long as you can stand to spend more energy.

2. Lunge

Fast Weight Loss Exercises

As with the squat movement, which is among the fastest weight loss exercises, you can do the lunge movement with your own body weight. Take a step without disturbing your normal standing position and lower your fixed leg until your knee touches the ground. After getting up slowly, do the same for your other leg. In order to perform the movement comfortably, you can leave your arms swinging to both sides and if you wish, you can complete the movement as if you are walking in a wide area instead of staying still. 3 sets and 12 repetitions are valid for both legs.

3. Rowing Exercise

Quick Weight Loss Exercises

You can do the row movement to effectively work the back muscles, which is one of the largest muscle groups. You can also perform rowing that can normally be done with weights such as dumbbells or advanced exercise stations, with a table at home, or with durable covers that you can tuck over the door.

If you want to do the exercise with the table, you can follow this path in order: Lie under the table, grasp the sides of the table with both hands and pull yourself up, slowly lower back to the floor. Perform the movement as 3 sets and 12 repetitions, you will feel your back muscles working during the training.

4. Push-ups

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Push-ups are among the quick weight loss exercises and will work most of your chest muscles and will also provide a high amount of energy expenditure while developing the related area. You can get help from the push-up bars to perform the movement correctly, or you can complete the training directly with your hands.

For push-ups, lie face down on the floor and stand on your hands with your toes facing forward. Slowly lower yourself to the ground by bending your elbows and return to the starting position by lifting yourself at the same speed. You can determine the span of your arms, according to the angle you are comfortable with. You can do this exercise with 3 sets and 12 repetitions in higher numbers if you wish.

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