The Most Effective Cardio Exercises

Cardio we hear often; These are exercises that increase the heart rate with effective body movements and accelerate metabolism and blood circulation. Although cardio exercises are not kept in a certain pattern; We can say that it is the whole of all movements that accelerate the heartbeat and increase the pulse.

In cardio, the goal is a little different than in professional athletes. Athletes do exercises to develop and strengthen their body muscles. On the other hand, cardio is applied on the basis of losing weight, burning fat, increasing the metabolic rate and burning calories. It includes studies aimed at providing quality fat burning and tightening instead of just losing weight and staying in shape.

Cardio exercises; Considering that it provides protection from lung and heart diseases as well as fat burning and calorie expenditure, we can say that everyone should do it regularly for a healthy life.

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Cardio Exercise Techniques

We can technically examine effective cardio exercises in two groups. If you wish; Let’s take a look at the difference between Cardio exercises classified as LISS and HIIT.

LISS Cardio: Liss Cardio Exercises applied with a light tempo level should be applied for at least 40-50 minutes so that the necessary calorie burn occurs. It is a training technique that will help you relax and relieve your tiredness, as they are not applied at a high tempo. If applied in the long term, it is also effective in increasing the condition.

HIIT Cardio: Since it is applied with an intermittent high tempo, you can reach maximum calorie burning and metabolic rate in a short time. Even a short period of 15 minutes will produce effective results for correctly applied HITT Cardio training.

Cardio Exercise Techniques

Most Effective Cardio Exercises

Running: Running, which regulates the heartbeat as arrhythmia, is also an effective cardio workout. It will also help the body recover and tighten. To get a more effective result; five minutes of brisk walking followed by a two-minute jog. Thus, you will accelerate blood circulation, heart rate, metabolism and calorie burning.

Swimming: It is among the most effective cardio exercises since almost all body muscles work actively while swimming. Swimming is loved by many people; You will both enjoy and exercise. It will be beneficial to include swimming two or three times in your weekly exercise program.

Brisk Walks: One of the biggest misconceptions is that walking is not as effective a cardio exercise as jogging. However, brisk walking, in case of continuity, burns more fat than jogging. If you are going to include brisk walking in your daily exercise program, we recommend not less than 30-45 minutes.

Jumping Rope: Jumping Rope, which recovers the body, gives flexibility and strength to the muscles, and causes you to spend a high amount of calories, is among the effective cardio exercises. Moreover, it will be enough to spare just 20 minutes a day.

Cycling: Cycling, which allows the spine to stand upright in regular use, will also work the leg muscles, but also the hip and front abdominal muscles. Cycling, which accelerates calorie burning rate and heart rate, is also among the most effective cardio exercises.

Sit-ups: The sit-up movement, which is a solution to problems such as shortness of breath, actively works the abdominal muscles. The shuttle, which directly affects the metabolic rate, increases blood circulation. It is also an effective workout for cardio.

Dancing: The body, which is more active than normal with dancing, will accelerate fat burning in this way. Dancing, which is an activity that you will enjoy and burn calories, is considered an effective cardio exercise.

Push-ups: Another cardio alternative, push-ups is an ideal exercise for those who want to look fit.

Most Effective Cardio Exercises

Things to Know in the Most Effective Cardio Exercises

Since the tempo can be high in cardio exercises; Nutrition should be terminated 1.5-2 hours before training. Otherwise, it will be inevitable to encounter health problems such as stomach problems, bloating and an increase in heart rhythm during exercise.

Before starting the exercise; Breathing is done to provide energy support and increase performance efficiency. For 5-10 minutes, you should inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. We would like to remind you that the breathing exercise should be done standing up.

Finally, we should state that the important thing is, It is to work with a training program suitable for your body structure in order to increase fat burning and the amount of calories spent. In this way, your body’s fat rate will decrease while at the same time it will tighten.

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