The Most Intense Cardio Workouts

When we want to lose weight, when we face any health problem that our body needs to be stronger, or in our intense exercise programs, Cardio is a type of exercise that is a part of our lives, consciously or unconsciously. We can even call it a set of exercises.

Cardio is the circulatory system of the body, together with the heart and veins, is called ” cardiovascular”. Cardio is the name given to the exercises that run this system. With this type of exercise, the heart, veins and lungs work intensely and make us stronger.

There are various types of cardio that can be practiced at home, outdoors, or in the gym. While they all have an impact on bodybuilding, some workouts are more effective for burning fat. You can try these exercises to burn more calories, but be sure to consult your doctor.

Jump Rope

Weight Loss By Skipping Rope

One of our childhood favorite activities was jumping rope. Jumping rope, which we begin to see as a sports exercise as we get older, is one of the most tiring exercises. You are both jumping and running, so all body muscles work. Jumping rope for 30 minutes at normal pace allows you to burn 400 calories.


Swimming Exercises to Lose Weight

Swimming is one of the cardio workouts that work the whole body muscles and spend the most calories. Especially in freestyle swimming, you can burn 400 calories in 30 minutes, just like jumping rope. In addition to burning fat, the benefit to the body is more than other types of exercise. It strengthens the muscles and protects the body against injuries.


Spinning exercise, which is preferred with a brisk music, is one of the cardio exercises that burn intense calories with the method of raising and lowering the heart rate with the exercise bike. Exercise time can vary between 30-80 minutes depending on the intensity. The first 5 minutes are reserved for warming up and the last 5 minutes for cooling. In group spinning workouts, the entire group must move in sync.

Since it is an intense exercise, fat burning accelerates and the desired result is achieved in a shorter time. One of the benefits of cycling exercise is that it sculpts the body.


Weight Loss with Running

Unlike walking, running exercise is not a workout that can be recommended to everyone. Your cardiovascular health should be good, and most importantly, your doctor should confirm that you are fit for running in many ways. If all these are ok, you can start running! You can spend the calories you burn in 1 hour while walking, in 20 minutes on a brisk jog. Don’t forget to cool down.

Stair Exercise

Intense Cardio Workouts

Stair exercise, also known as fat-evaporating exercise, is one of the must-haves of HIIT workouts. If you insist on this workout that strengthens the hips, muscles and even the whole body, you are one step closer to your goal.

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