Triceps Dumbbell Exercises: Train Your Triceps without Hurting Them

Dumbbell triceps exercise is widely used in gyms. However, correct technique is important so that it does not lead to injury.

The triceps brachii muscle is the main extensor of the arm and plays a major role in many sports. Either as a complement to the rest of the muscles or as the main one in specific technical actions.

Located in the posterior region of the arm, it is constituted in the upper part by three portions. The long portion, vast internal and external. That is, it is a three-headed muscle that covers 60% of the muscle mass of the arm.

However, being an extensor, it tends to go in favor of gravity, and this makes it more difficult to develop it than if it were against gravity, such as the biceps. And this can be a ‘problem’ when training him.

Dumbbell Triceps Exercises

Dumbbell Triceps Exercise

Even so, there are many and varied exercises to be able to train and develop them little by little. This can cause us, due to the positions adopted, that injuries occur, especially if the exercises use dumbbells or bars as material.

You must bear in mind that whenever strength is trained, the ideal is to vary the exercises and the material used. This will make the muscles suffer better adaptations and can develop more. Something that also happens with squats, with versions that you can consult here.

In the case of dumbbells, due to poor posture or misuse, it can produce more disadvantages than advantages. What exercises or executions can we perform without endangering our triceps?

Maintain Control During Movement

In order to exercise the muscles with a free weight, we perform a movement against gravity, therefore, many of them will have as a basic position raising the elbows above the shoulders, involving the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

That is why we must have very controlled exercises so as not to damage that area. Don’t miss this article if you are still learning to train and plan your routines. Next, we present some exercises with images for their correct execution.

Elbow Extension, Seated, with a Two-handed Dumbbell

It is one of the most common triceps exercises. Sit on a bench with your back straight, facing forward and your legs supported. Grab the dumbbell with both hands and bring it back so that it is behind your neck.

Then breathe in and extend your elbows, bringing the dumbbell up. You should keep your abs tight during the exercise to avoid arching your back. The dumbbell should be vertical to the ground.

Bend your elbows bringing the dumbbell back to its starting position, at the end of the movement, exhale. You must bear in mind that you cannot arch your back, but you cannot bend it forward either. Therefore, you must watch the weight you lift.

A variant can be performing the same exercise but with one hand, reducing the load to be able to execute the movement with guarantees.

French Flat Bench Press

It is one of the exercises with which a greater development of the triceps is achieved. It can be done with both dumbbells and with a barbell. The barbell grip will be done by placing the hands in pronation (with the palms facing up).

If we do it with dumbbells, the ideal would be to do it with a neutral or hammer grip. You should start with the arms stretched in a vertical direction and with the width of your shoulders, flex the arms bringing the wrists closer to the height of the forehead.

Behind the forehead or towards the chin, depending on the muscle fibres where you want to go.

If you want to work the vastus medialis and the vastus medialis of the triceps, lower the dumbbell to forehead or chin height respectively. For the long head of the triceps, lower the bar behind the head.

Dumbbell Tricep Kickback Exercise

It is the quintessential exercise in gyms, who has not done it? However, there are people who the first time can injure their back when executing it.

And it is that the forced position of the spine, together with, possibly, the excessive load of the dumbbell, make this exercise a time bomb for vertebrae and muscles of the back.

It works the entire triceps brachii in an integral way, so it is a good idea to include it in our routine.

We started standing up, with the legs slightly bent and the trunk bent forward. Make sure that the back is straight, place the arm horizontal and parallel to the body with the elbow bent and the dumbbell in hand. Breathe in and perform a forearm extension, exhale at the end of the movement.

Be careful not to involve your shoulder in the exercise and not to twist your back when lifting the dumbbell. The elbow should not detach from the body. The movements must be controlled and conscious.

Take care of your posture, manage the weight you use in each exercise and keep in mind that lifting more weight does not mean training better. In fact, here is a routine to learn how to build muscle without hitting the gym. When in doubt, seek the advice of a good coach.

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