Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Feel better and lose weight easily by increasing your daily activity level by doing weight loss exercises at home!

Obesity, which is defined as the most common epidemic disease of our age, causes many diseases along with it.

In today’s conditions, exercising in gyms is not suitable for everyone, as it requires both time and budget. People with time constraints often prefer to exercise at home. The most important point to be considered in the exercises to be done at home is the warm-up movements. Since the body is not accustomed to exercise, sudden movements may cause pain in the following days. For this reason, dancing to fast music before the exercise or doing the stretching movements in pilates will provide warming up.

Home exercises can be movements that work a certain area, as well as movements that work large muscle groups or movements that increase endurance. If a general weight loss is desired instead of regional weakening, exercising large muscle groups will give more positive results.

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What are the weight loss methods that can be applied at home?

If you do not have excess weight, if you have deviated from your ideal weight by approximately fifteen percent or less, you can easily lose weight with the weight loss methods you can apply at home. Methods include gaining healthy eating habits and doing sports exercises. Since there are no recommendations that will force the body excessively, it can be easily applied by everyone.

  • The average fluid consumption in our country is approximately one and a half litres. This amount includes teas, coffees and water. Considering the world in general, we can say that it is a very low amount. If you want to lose weight at home, you need to double your fluid consumption.
  • For all the other suggestions to work, you need to have a firm but low-calorie breakfast. holding strong; You should create a breakfast order that is low in sugar, salt and calories.
  • If you are over the age of fifteen, do not avoid consuming some coffee while consuming liquids. You can put your bowels in order with freshly roasted coffee without added sugar and milk. It is a very healthy method to defecate regularly and suppress appetite. Consumption of a cup of coffee daily gives serious support to the slimming process at home.
  • To burn fat, accelerate metabolism, renew cells and meet your fluid needs in a different way, you should definitely turn to tea consumption. Do not add sugar, milk or honey. Consume plain herbal teas.
  • Completely cut off the use of oil in the meals you prepare at home. Instead, take advantage of oils that are not known in our country. An example is avocado oil.
  • In order to lose weight quickly and healthily, the digestive system must be regulated. The best way to do this is to maximize fibre consumption.
  • Refined sugar, that is, sugar processed in factories, prevents you from losing weight and causes many more harms. It reveals many dangerous diseases, especially diabetes. In the short term, it helps you gain weight. For this reason, completely eliminate refined sugar from your life.
  • Try to stay away from all kinds of fabricated products. The harms of foods containing additives to the body go beyond gaining weight. For this reason, chips, etc., especially bread made from white flour. leave it.
  • Increase protein intake and decrease carbohydrate intake. When you continue this for a week, it is possible to lose three to four kilos. However, be careful not to apply for longer periods of time.
  • If you do not want to gain weight, what you need to do is to consume food in portions. In fact, dividing a portion into two and consuming it with a five-minute break between them allows you to consume much fewer calories than normal.
  • If you want to lose weight easily at home, you should have low-calorie but satisfying foods in your kitchen. Dried fruits and some nuts are examples of these foods.
  • Do not avoid consuming spices that accelerate the fat-burning process. Do not overdo it while consuming. Although it is known that pain cuts the appetite and accelerates metabolism, the digestive system is damaged in case of excessive consumption. You can easily lose weight at home by consuming it in a balanced way.
  • Build your life around mobility. If you normally clean the house once every two weeks, increase it to once a week. Do not use elevators or escalators. Get away from situations where you can handle all your work from where you sit. Take precautions to avoid watching TV and staying at the computer for long periods of time.
  • If you cannot lose weight despite all your mobility, add sports exercises that you can do at home to your daily life. Lifting light weights and walking are examples of these exercises.
  • Reduce the share of meat in your diet. Meat is food that tires the intestines and leaves toxins. If you want to lose weight, consume more fruits and vegetables that are low in calories.
  • Although the person’s stomach is full, the signal may go late. For this reason, increase your chewing time as much as possible. Chew slowly and more.
  • Thanks to good sleep, it is possible to live the day vigorously and not to take a nap. A healthy person needs at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep a day.

As a result; It is possible to lose weight by changing small nuances in your life. Although all these recommendations seem like a lot, they get easier during the implementation phase. It does not stand out because it has become a lifestyle over time. If your weight is more than normal, get professional support while making these suggestions.

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What are the Exercise Movements That Can Be Done at Home?

  • Running

At home, running on the treadmill trains major muscle groups. At the same time, an open area can be preferred for jogging. However, the point to be noted is that in order to spend calories by running, one should sweat, that is, run briskly.

  • Pilates

Pilates is one of the endurance exercises that both increase the flexibility of the body and tighten the body. Pilates can be done at home by watching videos. Initial sessions should be followed in the first place, and the level should be increased as the body gets used to it.

  • Sit-ups

It can be started with 15-20 sit-ups per day the beginning. It is an effective movement in both the abdominal region and the hip region. As endurance increases, the number of shuttles should also be increased.

  • Squat

The feet should be shoulder-width apart. Bending over the knees, squat well and straighten again. This movement is effective in the work of the leg, hip, hip and back muscles. You can start with 10 repetitions at first.

  • Lunge Stands in an

upright position. One leg is bent forward and remains stationary. The other leg is brought closer to the ground and straightened again. It is a movement that helps to work the leg and hip area. In the first stage, 3 sets of 10 repetitions can be done.

  • Plank is

a move to increase Stamina. With the arms at a 90-degree angle, the elbows are on the ground and try to balance. It works the hip and abdominal muscles. At the beginning, it is enough to stand in balance for 30 seconds.

  • Superman

Lies facedown on the floor, arms and legs spread wide. Both arms and legs are raised in the air at the same time. This movement works the lower abdomen, buttocks and back muscles. It can be done for 30 seconds in the first place.

  • Jumping rope

One of the most convenient and fun weight loss exercises that can be done at home is jumping rope. Those who live in an apartment can jump rope in the gardens of their apartments. Thanks to the jumping movement, large muscle groups work. It should be started with 50 repetitions in a brisk manner and increased gradually.

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15 Minute Exercises You Can Do At Home For Weight Loss

Many people do not have two hours to devote to sports on a daily basis due to their intense work schedules. There are exercises that can be applied at home in fifteen minutes for both housewives and those who work at an intense pace, allowing to burn plenty of fat. In order for these exercises to work, they must be done in the right way and at the right time. In addition, for the exercises to fully work, you need to do warm-up exercises for about five minutes. While jumping to warm up, bring the legs to shoulder level and bring them back to the same position; you should also clap your arms above your head without breaking them at the elbow.

Also, if you finish this fifteen-minute exercise set ahead of time, you can move on to a second repetition. He can even repeat an unlimited number of times until the time runs out in the future; You can increase the time if necessary.

  • Exercise That Works Butt Muscles And Calves

As it is known, there is a serious amount of amorphous fat accumulation in the relevant areas. To melt them, you must do a jumping movement similar to the one sumos do before the match. Let your upper body be ninety degrees. Cross your arms at chest level as you jump, elbows straight. On a flat surface, bend your knees and open your legs laterally slightly wider than shoulder height. Repeat the movement ten times.

  • Exercise for Upper Body and Shoulders

Take a standard push-up position. After doing the first push-up, touch your left shoulder with your right hand and return to the push-up position. After the second push-up, touch your left shoulder with your left hand. Do this six times in the first days; in the future, continue to increase in multiples of gold.

  • Plank Exercise

Take the plank position. Then jump to raise your butt angle and pull your knees towards your stomach as you jump. This move will work many muscles. Repeat this move ten times.

  • Calf Workout

Take a standard push-up position but keep one foot in the air. Bend your leg, which you are holding in the air, and pull it from your side towards your stomach. Repeat this move fifteen times and switch to the other foot.

  • Jumping Exercise

Stand upright on level ground. Jump one meter to the right or left from where you are standing, with your hands above your head. Stop for a second and jump back to your old spot in the same way. Repeat this ten times.

  • Cross Plank Exercise

After taking the plank position, use your right foot and left hand; Raise your right hand with your left foot. Move with the right hand first and then the left hand. Try to keep your balance by raising your hands in the air. Repeat this move ten times for each hand and arm.

  • Extreme Jumping Exercise

Perform this exercise after the first jumping exercise. Stand upright on level ground. Jump and bring your hands together in front of you as you jump. At the same time, pull your knees to your stomach so that they are outside of your hands. Repeat this move ten times.

What Kind of Fitness Routine Should You Have at Home for Beginners?

Before you create your routine for weight loss exercises at home, you should determine your needs. In other words, you should measure the amount of weight you want to lose by doing sports exercises; You should choose sports movements accordingly. As it is known, some movements are to increase the general condition of the body and some are to get rid of regional weights. If you have regional lubrication, you should prefer exercises that work the relevant areas.

After determining this, you should analyze your life order. In general, exercise done in the early hours, before breakfast, burns twenty percent more calories than normal. If you have such an opportunity, you should do the first sport of the day before seven o’clock. The majority of the sports exercises you will do in the early hours should be movements that provide general conditions.

After the early hours of sports, you should have your breakfast, do your daily chores and consume the afternoon snack. After the snack, you should start the second exercise. The general of these exercises should be regional slimming movements. After this exercise, which lasts for about half an hour, you will complete the day at least in terms of sports exercises.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not beneficial to do sports every day of the week. You need to rest your body on certain days. In general, sports should be done on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; other days should be rested. In this way, a significant amount of calories can be spent and ten to fifteen kilos can be lost.

How to Lose Weight with Sports and Diet at Home?

Exercising at home means exercising with your own body weight. You can also have dumbbell-style equipment at home. But since you are at home, it will be healthier for you to train with your own body weight.

First of all, you will need to decide on the exercises that will be in your training program. It is important to adjust the number of sets and repetitions according to yourself. Because too many sets and repetitions can tire you out and overwhelm you. Therefore, it is very important that you adapt the program according to you when setting it up.

In addition, dieting while doing weight loss exercises at home will positively affect your weight loss. The foods you will consume in this diet should be high in energy but low in calories. The purpose of this is to prevent unnecessary calorie intake while ensuring that you are not weak while doing sports.

Another point to be considered is getting enough protein. Because while doing sports, his muscles are torn and he is built to be better than before. While doing this, it needs protein. Therefore, whether you get the amount of protein you need is an important detail to prevent muscle pain and other health problems.

How Much Weight Can You Lose By Doing Sports At Home?

The difficulty and frequency of the training program you will apply are among the factors that affect how much weight you can lose. If you apply an intense training program, you will both lose more weight and do this very quickly. At the same time, keeping the rest periods short between sets will increase your weight loss.

At the same time, your nutrition program, as well as your training program, is one of the other factors that affect how much weight you will lose. If you do not pay attention to your diet, no matter how much you spend your time doing sports at home, it will be difficult for you to reach your goal. Consuming plenty of energizing foods will prevent you from getting clogged as a result of possible fatigue while doing intense training. This allows you to lose more weight and more comfortably.

However, since the workouts you can do at home may be limited, you may not get the profile you hope for right away. That’s why you need to practice the exercises patiently and regularly. In addition, giving utmost importance to your nutrition is one of the most necessary parts in this process. When you follow these paths properly, you can be sure that you will get the desired efficiency.

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At What Hours Should Home Exercise Be Done?

According to other researchers, it is said that sports should be done in the morning. The researchers, who argue that the most vigorous and the productivity will be high, think that the most suitable time is in the morning. However, since it will be a little difficult to get up early in the morning while doing sports at home, those who prefer to do sports at home do not use the morning hours much.

Since there is no obstacle to doing sports at home, it does not pose a problem for the person in terms of time. But for the efficiency of the sport, the importance of the hour is revealed. It has been scientifically proven that some watches are suitable for sports. However, some personal factors can also come into play in this direction.

Hours of exercise may vary from person to person. Therefore, the time to do weight loss exercises at home should be the time when the person feels the best and strongest. The efficiency of the sports done at this hour will naturally be higher than the others. That’s why everyone needs to find the time when they feel most productive and do sports during these hours. In this way, sports practised according to the time they want will not bore the person and will make this process enjoyable.

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