Weight Loss with Swimming

Best Time to Swim for Weight Loss

Thanks to the feeling of relaxation and buoyancy of the water, it gives more pleasure than other sports. While sea and outdoor pools are easily preferred on hot summer days, indoor or thermal pools can be used in cold weather.

Things to Consider Before Swimming

It is important not to have just gotten up from eating before you start swimming. Starting at least 1 hour later prevents muscle contractions and cramps that can be seen during swimming. You can thin out different parts of your body by using different swimming techniques. Swimming is an ideal sports for those who want to lose weight, but even small getaways afterwards can cause you to regain the calories you have spent.

Benefits of Swimming

It contributes greatly to growth, stature, and bone and muscle development, especially in childhood. The effect of water can feel like therapy to your body and soul. It allows you to relax by relieving stress. It is very useful for the skin, digestive, circulatory and excretory system.

Swimming Exercises to Lose Weight

Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Swimming?

Exercising is both a stress reliever and an enjoyable element that allows us to lose weight easily. You can lose weight with many sports branches. One of these sports branches is swimming. Swimming causes the person who wants to lose weight to burn more calories than other sports. It is easier and more enjoyable to lose weight with swimming. This sport branch not only helps to lose weight but also has many health benefits. Citizens are wondering about swimming, how they lose weight, how they can reach the form they want more quickly.

The method of losing weight with swimming burns 2 times more calories than other sports. It is also an enjoyable sport that allows all the muscles in the body to work at the same time. Thanks to the feeling of relaxation and buoyancy of the water in swimming, it gives more pleasure than other sports. In the hot summer months, the sea and outdoor pools are easily preferred. In cold weather, mostly indoor or thermal pools can be used. According to researches, the amount of calories burned in 1 hour in weight ratio was determined as follows; For a 59-pound person, the rate of calories to burn for 1-hour freestyle swimming is 590 calories if swimming fast and 413 calories if swimming slowly. For this reason, if you swim regularly, you can reach the desired weight in 1 month.

What are the Effects of Swimming on the Body?

Swimming is a sport that plays a big role in the work of all the muscles of the body. Due to this feature, swimming, which leaves other sports branches behind, has made a name for itself with its benefits to the body. It is highly recommended in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. At the same time, it provides people with a comfortable and easy sport by collecting the benefits of many exercises necessary for keeping fit only in itself.

This sport, which is good for muscle and joint pain and plays a big role in the development of children, should be in our lives because of its benefits. It is strongly recommended that children do sports during their growth and development periods. Choosing swimming for this sport is very important in terms of development, as well as a change that will play a role in your child’s career. In addition, it has the qualities that will make your child love sports with its enjoyable aspects.

With its ability to work all muscle groups of the body, swimming, which is a comprehensive form of training for sports, is good for most heart diseases. It provides better breathing and offers a spacious life. Since it is a fun sport, it is good for mental health as well as physical health. It not only reduces stress and anxiety, but also minimizes nervousness and irritability. Apart from that, it increases your body energy and makes you stay physically and mentally strong. Since it has so many benefits, it is one of the sports that should be done, and you can recommend it to your relatives with peace of mind.

Weight Loss with Swimming

How Many Calories Are Burned by Swimming?

People who cannot swim can also activate their muscles and burn calories with aerobic movements in waters that do not exceed their height.

Since the resistance of the water will affect the body by exerting more force, it will burn fat compared to other sports branches. also higher than. It is important to continue swimming for at least thirty minutes. It should not be less than this time in order to fully work the muscles and adjust the temperature balance. Sudden movements should be avoided. Avoid things that will damage the muscles and cause injuries.

All known techniques should be practised in sequence while swimming. It allows different muscle groups to work. It is more suitable to swim one day apart rather than every day. Allowing the muscles to rest is beneficial for weight loss.

All of the sports done in water stimulate the appetite. The way to prevent this is to add a suitable and calorie-balancing diet to the sports program. Otherwise, with the hunger that comes after swimming, you can consume food without controlling your appetite. This causes to take back all the calories lost by swimming.

Why Swimming is Preferred for Weight Loss?

The most basic thing to do to lose weight is to increase the body’s calorie needs; is not responding to increased calorie needs. In other words, it is aimed to lose weight over time by opening the gap between the calories taken and the calories spent. In addition, it is ensured that the weight is lost in a healthy way by eating a healthy and balanced diet and doing sports. The biggest supporter of the weight loss process is sports exercises. In order to lose the weight in the body in a balanced way, to prevent sagging and weakness, it is necessary to do the right sports exercises.must be selected. It is an important factor that the selected sports exercises work the maximum number of muscles. Swimming is also very successful in exercising almost all the muscles of the body. In addition, the fact that it is done at a different intensity level is one of the other advantages of swimming. Due to these two advantages, swimming is a frequently preferred sport for weight loss.

The rate of fat and carbohydrates while swimming is very high. It is possible to increase the daily calorie requirement up to 4000 – 5000. For this reason, the process of losing weight is very fast. The weight to be lost in five to six months with indoor sports can be lost in three months by swimming. Unlike indoor sports, it does not require serious technical knowledge. Even the slightest movement when entering the water will cause the muscle tissues of the body to work. A lot of effort can be expanded with standard swimming movements. In other words, it is an inexpensive method of burning calories for individuals who do not know about sports but want to lose weight.

The abundance of pools and seas in our country leads people to this type of sport. Other advantages are that it is generally inexpensive or can be performed with very little expense. The freshness it brings while doing it in hot weather in summer can also be considered as an extra benefit.

Benefits of Swimming

What are the Advantages of Swimming?

  • Healthy blood circulation is needed in order for the body to burn fat in a balanced way, to distribute minerals and vitamins, and deliver oxygen to every cell without any problem. Healthy blood circulation is obtained with swimming.
  • Due to the acceleration of blood circulation due to intense effort, the amount of oxygen going to the brain also increases. Especially when breathing techniques are learned, the amount of oxygen that the body receives increases exponentially. Depending on the time spent underwater, the capacity of the lungs also increases. Thanks to the increase in oxygen to the brain, brain functions are strengthened as much as physical functions.
  • It regulates metabolism. It has a positive effect on all kinds of conditions that cause the risk of metabolic syndrome. It draws many indicators, especially blood pressure and cholesterol, into healthy values. It regulates blood sugar and eliminates insulin resistance.
  • The effects of asthma are reduced due to increased lung capacity and physical relaxation. The frequency of asthma attacks decreases; In case of prolonged swimming, asthma attacks approach zero.
  • Due to the intense effort, the digestive system enters into balance. With a healthy diet, the intestines are relaxed and the stomach acid is balanced.
  • The biggest effect of swimming is that it burns fat. Thanks to this effect, it ensures regular and healthy weight loss. While losing weight, muscle mass is also increased. A stronger body is obtained. Bones also become stronger.
  • It protects cardiovascular health due to its effects on blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Thanks to the micro-tears it creates in the muscle tissues, it makes the muscles stronger. While providing this, it also increases the flexibility of the muscles.
  • It strengthens the immune system. In particular, it reduces the risk of the occurrence of diseases that cause seasonal diseases. It makes it easier to overcome more dangerous diseases.

These are the advantages that swimming creates in the physical field. Depending on these, there are some benefits provided in social life and the psychological field. We can list these benefits turned into advantages as follows:

What are the Psychological Advantages of Swimming?

  • As the body becomes stronger and the risk of disease decreases, there is an increase in self-confidence in swimmers. An increase in self-confidence also brings success.
  • It reduces bad habits. In particular, smoking can be eliminated.
  • Sleep patterns can be established in a healthy way.
  • Eliminates depression and stress.
  • It strengthens social relations.

As a result, swimming is a very advantageous sports. It should be done both during diet periods and healthy living periods. In a process that spans the whole of life, the whole of life is made more comfortable.

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