Weight Loss with Trampoline Exercise

Weight Loss with Trampoline Exercise

Trampoline activates the whole body and requires especially balancing. For this reason, it is possible to see thinning in the whole body.

Trampoline is attractive to individuals in many ways. It is an option preferred by those who do not like to go to the gym during the slimming process and cannot make it a habit, and who seek more interesting things as motivation in this process. It is easy to reach, it can be done outdoors, and it is advantageous to feel pleasure while doing it.

You can combine this device, which you can easily get at home, with different exercises to lose weight . For example, you can perform jumping rope on the trampoline with cardio movements.

Contrary to popular belief, the trampoline is more effective than many exercises. The reason is that it is an instrument that requires balance. In order to maintain balance, all muscles are kept in an active position and calorie burning continues.

What Are the Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline?

Most of our body muscles have evolved in accordance with the jumping movement. We use this movement in many areas of our lives. When we do it regularly, using the trampoline, we feel the benefits of jumping, that is, jumping, much more deeply. It is possible to list the other benefits of the jumping movement, which is very useful in terms of both weight loss, strength and motivation, as follows:

  • After the jumping movement is performed at the appropriate tempo, the working rate of the heart increases by thirty percent. This makes the heart and veins healthier; Eliminates the risk of clogging. Thirty minutes of jumping exercise is equivalent to one hour of running exercise.
  • As the heart rate increases, the respiratory rate also increases. Thanks to the fact that the oxygen entering the body is more than normal, headache and tissue pain are completely eliminated.
  • Migraine relief is provided.
  • It stabilizes the process that has stress and nerves and helps them disappear.
  • In addition to these, it is possible to talk about dozens of different benefits. Dietitians, sports coaches and some other experts recommend that jumping on the trampoline from childhood; recommends doing this regularly. In this way, it is said that the body will show a more effective development.

How to Lose Weight with a Trampoline

The Importance of Warming Up Before Trampoline

Trampoline is fun, but it also carries some risks. For this reason, individuals with health problems should use it with support under the control of a trainer. As in any sport, it is very important to warm up before taking action. Since the trampoline will cause sudden movements and sudden warming of the body, warming up beforehand is important in order to avoid physical harm.

What Areas of the Body Does the Trampoline Work?

There is no limit to the methods that can be used to lose weight, but the main point where all these methods intersect is to work the muscles. Many muscles work according to the movements made during trampoline use or the severity of the jumping movement. Essentially, people who have mastered the use of trampolines work all kinds of muscle structures. With special movements, it is possible to find solutions to all weight problems in the body, especially regional lubrication, with a trampoline. Trampoline is a very useful tool for both working the muscles and providing motivation and having fun. We can list the effects of the jumping movement, which can be performed for long periods of time with the trampoline, on the body as follows:

  • It increases the circulation rate of some structures that are important in the body’s fight against microbes. In this way, our body is protected from some negative effects while working the muscle tissues.
  • All muscles in the body, especially the heart muscle, are exercised. Ankles, lower leg muscles, upper leg muscles, hip muscles, abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles and neck muscles can be given as examples. In addition, due to the increase in the working speed of the heart muscle, the metabolic rate also increases. Thus, the burning rate of fat tissues in the relevant regions increases.
  • Another issue that is as important as the working of muscle tissues and burning of fat tissues is that the bones are strengthened by the jumping movement. With the increase in the use of calcium, bone density also increases noticeably.
  • As a result, the jumping movement is very useful, it is a movement that should be performed at least three days a week. The way to do this movement as long as possible and in a healthy way is through the trampoline.

Over time, with getting used to the use of trampolines, there will be advantages such as working more, less working, and proper operation of certain areas. By adjusting the jumping intensity and adjusting the position, these processes will be completely streamlined.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With Trampoline?

Another point that is as important as diet for losing weight is sports exercises. It is almost impossible to sustain monotonous sports exercises for long periods of time. Whether the person wants it or not, at some point he loses his motivation and interrupts the process he continues with the diet. The way to prevent this loss of motivation is through fun sports and sports equipment. Trampoline is one of the fun sports equipment.

The amount of weight that can be lost with the trampoline is related to the movements made while jumping and how long the jumping movement is continued. It is possible to give approximately three hundred calories at the end of a process in which different muscles are exercised, which is continued for half an hour on average. If the calories taken are controlled and the healthy eating process is continued, it can be said that this corresponds to two to three kilograms per month. In other words, the trampoline can make you lose two or three kilos per month with an average application pace. It is also possible to lose more weight by diversifying the movements, making them more professional and extending the exercises.

How Many Calories Are Burned With Trampoline?

It is recommended not only for those who want to lose weight but also for children in the growing period. It helps children in balance by strengthening their bone and muscle coordination. It has been stated that this training gives children agility and endurance. As in any sport, there are small risks. However, serious problems have not been experienced in individuals who have done it so far, minor sprains and rarely cracks have been observed.

Compared to other exercises, it provides effective protection against cardiovascular health.

It has been determined that light and controlled trampoline exercise is effective in elderly individuals, especially those who have problems with balance, and it is beneficial in providing balance control.

For whom is the trampoline objectionable?

Although it is beautiful, the use of trampolines can be inconvenient for some people. Although there are no clear lines, the basic situation, which has disadvantages, stands out as the structure of the trampoline, its strongest level, the effects of the jumping movement, and concerns about loss of consciousness while in the air.

  • As it is known, the trampoline is a balance device. In other words, it is very inconvenient for people with physiological or psychological problems related to balance to use trampolines. In a jumping movement made from a certain centre, serious injuries may occur as a result of not getting the right centre while descending.
  • Another situation as dangerous as falling away from a particular centre is falling backwards. Although the floor is elastic, fractures may occur if the arm or leg is inverted.
  • It is necessary to be very careful in the jumping movement. If more force is applied than necessary, a ceiling crash may occur in confined spaces.
  • Diabetes and metabolic diseases can affect the consciousness process. In case of loss of consciousness while in the air due to the jumping movement, it is possible to fall from the trampoline. In other words, people with these diseases should be very careful and should not use trampolines if possible.
  • In general, the use of the trampoline is inconvenient for people who are sensitive to the relevant conditions. It is recommended that children at a young age use the trampoline under the supervision of a parent.


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