Weight Loss with Walking

Walking for Weight Loss Tips

Walking in the same place and the same way all the time will get your body used to it after a while and weight loss will slow down. To prevent this, differences can be created. You can play some games with your body. Walking by attaching tiny weights to the wrists, changing the places you always go and making your walking track difficult can create small changes.

What are the things to be considered during the walk?

  • Changing the pace first slowly, then quickly and again at a slow pace during walking will surprise the body, so it will be beneficial in the weight loss process.
  • You should be careful not to force and take long steps. Steps should be natural, neither too wide nor too small. These challenging situations will reduce calorie burning.
  • Your leg muscles should be relaxed and the knees should not be contracted. The arms should be moved 90 degrees close to the body. You can keep small notes to change your walking routine at intervals. On average, changes can be made in 2-3 weeks.
  • One of the most important issues to be taken care of while hiking is to choose light cotton clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the season. It is an important factor that directly affects your walking quality. Likewise, your choice of shoes is also very important. Choosing shoes that will disturb and hurt your feet and are not suitable for walking cannot provide an active walk.
  • One of the issues that people who walk should pay attention to is water, which is one of the factors that will benefit you the most during the weight loss process. Make sure you increase your water consumption.

What Are the Benefits of Walking?

Walking provides many benefits both physically, mentally and spiritually. Outdoor walks take plenty of oxygen and strengthen your memory. You feel energetic and relieve your stress. It keeps your metabolism and body active so you can speed up your weight loss process. As your joints and muscles will be in motion while walking, your pain in various areas will also disappear.

You can have a tight stomach thanks to the walks with the right technique. Imagine having glasses of water on either side of your hips with every step you take. You should not overflow the water in the glasses while taking a step. So you shouldn’t swing your hips while walking. This will strengthen your muscles and provide you with a tighter and fitter abdomen.

30 Minutes walks every day will make a big difference. Walking will help you lose weight in the right areas.

The Effect of Walking on the Body

Since walking regularly has many effects on our body, it has rediscovered the issue of losing weight with walking. One of the most important features of walking, which extends your life span, provides you a comfortable life with its positive effects throughout your life.

Weight loss with walking is one of the most preferred methods and it is talked about with its positive effects on the body. While doing this, it protects you from the negative aspects that may come to your body and allows you to lose weight in a healthy way. Weight loss with walking is one of the easiest methods, and it is used very often. Thanks to regular walks, you can lose weight in a short time and easily regain your old form.

Apart from losing weight with walking, the effects of walking on our body are numerous. This activity, which is good for psychological problems such as stress and anxiety, also helps in balancing the blood pressure value. In this way, walking, which allows you to live a happier and healthier life, is mostly known for these aspects that are good for the body.

Walking, which we say is a long-lasting habit, achieves this by protecting the health of the heart and lungs. Just 15 minutes of walking a day, which is necessary for you to reach these goals, should take its place as an activity in our daily lives in terms of both ease and health. While it is good for you spiritually, it is one of the few activities that also protects your body health, and you can even count this activity as a therapy method.

Walking to Lose Weight Plan

What is the Effect of Walking on Weight Loss?

Walking is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to lose weight. If your goal is really to lose weight, you should not miss walking in your exercise program. If you do not prefer to lose weight with unhealthy diets in a short time, if you want to lose weight naturally by staying healthy and fit, you are at the right place. One of the easiest and healthiest ways to help you lose weight is in this article.

Walking is also highly beneficial for weight loss, as it helps all the muscles in our bodywork. It is also very important for your health that you put this exercise, which does not tire the muscles as much as expected but works in the best way, in a fixed position in your daily life. However, as with everything else, there are some points that you should pay attention to while doing this walk. When you pay attention to these issues, it will undoubtedly be inevitable for you to get the best efficiency on this road you set out to lose weight.

The walking exercise you do to lose weight should be done according to some factors. These factors include when you walk, whether before or after a meal, and the duration of your walk. In order to reach your goal, you need to do these factors in the way that suits you best. According to some, this walk, which is considered as an exercise to be done before a meal, is more beneficial for others to do after a meal. However, it has been proven that walking is not harmful and it is one of the exercises that we must do in our daily lives.

How Many Hours Do You Have to Walk to Lose 1 kg?

How many hours do we need to walk to lose 1 kg? A person can burn 400-500 calories for 1 hour by walking at a moderately light pace. You will have lost 800 calories in 2 hours, 1600 calories in 4 hours, and 7200 calories in 18 hours. 7200 calories correspond to 1 kilogram in the human body. In this case, to lose 1 kg, it will be enough to walk for 18 hours. Although weight loss with walking is a method that seems to have little effect, it is an advantageous method for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

When to Walk to Lose Weight?

We talked about the benefits of losing weight by walking. So when should we walk to lose weight? In fact, there is no specific time to walk to lose weight. Only according to studies, walking in the early morning, fat burning is faster. If you want to burn fat and lose weight quickly, it will be more effective to do your walks in the morning. You should not neglect to consume water at regular intervals while walking. The most effective time period for those who want to lose weight by walking is the early hours of the morning. At least three days a week, you should exercise or walk for at least one hour a day, early in the morning or towards noon. We wish you healthy days.

How long should walking be done to lose weight?

1 hour of walking allows you to burn 350-400 calories in total. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should walk briskly for at least 1 hour or more a day. For those who want to lose weight, walking is both an easy and practical method. Although it is perceived as an ineffective method for many people, if it is performed regularly, you will see its benefits quickly and permanently.

What should be the pace of walking in order to lose weight?

So how should the walking pace be to lose weight? Contrary to popular belief, you cannot lose weight just by running fast. You cannot gain serious weight loss by walking slowly.

If you want to be successful in the weight loss method with walking, you should walk briskly. What we mean by brisk walking is neither too fast nor too slow… You have to keep walking at a certain pace. Another method is to run briskly for a while, then walk briskly again and then start jogging again. You can also lose weight by following this cycle. We wish you many healthy and sports days.

Weight Loss with Walking

When to Start Losing Weight by Walking?

You burn calories every time you walk. You can burn more calories by increasing the time or speed you walk. So from the moment you start, you also start to lose calories. When you walk regularly and for at least 1 hour a day, you are expected to see a change in the scale at the end of a week. But if you take back the calories you burn by walking with meals, it is not possible to lose weight. For most people (except those who are very active and do heavy sports), 2000 calories per day is the upper limit. Taking 1500-2000 calories a day and increasing mobility with exercises such as walking help you lose weight.

A study among women with a moderate BMI showed that those who walked briskly for 6 months lost weight when they walked for 1 hour a day. Walking 3 times a week or at least 1 hour every day will help you lose more weight than you would with diet alone. In addition, it allows you to strengthen your muscles while losing fat.

If you cannot walk for 1 hour uninterrupted due to a problem, you can intermittently complete it for 1 hour, get support while walking or become more active with only the movements you can do. It is important to move more than is your habit and to do this for at least an hour. When you support this with a healthy and sustainable diet, you will not only lose weight but also improve your body health. An active life is helpful in preventing serious diseases such as heart disease.

How much does walking make you weak?

Walking to lose weight helps you to lose weight to a great extent. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to do heavy exercises. You can have a fit body in a very short time just by getting the habit of walking regularly. If you are a person who walks at least 1 hour a day and also eats healthy, you can lose 300 to 700 grams in 2-3 weeks. Those who want to lose weight with the walking weight-loss method, if they make a habit of walking for at least 1 hour a day as we mentioned, will lose an average of 5 to 10 kilos in 3 or 4 months.

If your metabolism is running fast, you can lose more weight than we mentioned with regular walks. This is completely dependent on your metabolic rate, but you can lose weight without the need for heavy exercises with regular walks. In addition to the weight loss method by walking, you should add regular and healthy eating habits to your life. One of the most curious subjects is how many calories are burned while walking. In order to determine the amount of calories burned during walking, the person’s body weight, walking distance and speed should be known. To give an example, a person with a weight of 70 kilos burns an average of 6 calories in a walk at a speed of 6 km. A person of 70 kilos can burn an average of 300 calories per hour with a brisk walk. How much you can lose weight by walking depends entirely on your weight, It depends on your metabolism and your walking pace.

How Often Should You Walk To Lose Weight?

Since walking is a type of exercise that works all your muscles, it will have a slimming effect on your entire body. Weight loss by walking is a weight loss method that you can easily integrate into your daily life and make it a habit, as it does not tire the muscles excessively.

Weight loss by walking helps you lose weight quickly and permanently. In addition, there are habits that you should follow, such as diet and adequate water consumption. How often should you walk to lose weight? It is very important that we do our walks at the right time, at the right time and in the right way in order to lose weight and gain a fit appearance. Especially if you want to lose weight quickly and get your body in shape, you should perform your walks regularly and in a planned manner. If you do your walks early in the morning, you will lose weight faster. Fresh air and sun will help you lose weight. In the walks made with the aim of losing weight, the limits vary and are determined according to the body of the people. If we need to give an example; It is recommended that the person who walks for 1 hour a day should walk at least 4 days a week in order to lose weight faster. It is recommended that someone with a walking time of 45 minutes should walk for at least 5 days.

What Exercises Should Be Done Along with Walking?

If you want to lose weight systematically and quickly, you should also do some exercises besides walking. These do not need to be very vigorous types of exercise. There may be exercises with light weights to accelerate the slimming process and increase its effect. You can lose weight easily with walking, but it does not prevent the sagging and regional weights in your body. That’s why we recommend you to exercise with dumbbells in order to prevent sagging in the arms, along with walking. In addition, sit-up and hip exercises against hip, belly and regional lubrication should be done regularly after walking. Thus, after the weight loss process with walking, your body will have a more fit appearance.

How Many Weight Loss per Month with Walking and Diet?

The amount of weight you lose by walking and dieting will vary with your weight, walking speed and diet. The following shows how many calories per hour people of different weights will burn walking at different speeds:

Walking at Low Speed

The lowest speed here is 2.5 kilometres per hour. The calories you will burn for one hour of walking at this pace are as follows:

  • 55 pounds: 154 calories (a 55-kilo person burns 154 calories per hour)
  • 82 kilos: 230 calories
  • 109 kilos: 305 calories
  • 136 pounds: 381 calories

Moderate Walking

The medium-speed here is 3.5 kilometres per hour. The calories you will burn for one hour of walking at this pace are as follows:

  • 55 pounds: 237 calories
  • 82 pounds: 353 calories
  • 109 pounds: 469 calories
  • 136 pounds: 585 calories

These examples show that the more you weigh, the more calories you burn in an hour of walking. You can also burn more calories by increasing your walking speed. You can estimate the calories/weight you will burn based on your weight and walking speed by looking at the table above.

When you diet in addition to walking, the difference between the amount of calories you take and the amount of calories you burn during the day can show the average weight you lose or gain. For example, you ate 1800 calories a day and burned 2000 calories, and when you do this for a week, you will lose about 2 kilos. When you consume 1800 calories and burn 2300 calories, you will lose 5 kilos per week.

What are the Tips for Weight Loss with Walking?

Walking is one of the exercises chosen to lose weight. However, some questions come to the minds of those who prefer the method of losing weight by walking. Some of these questions include tricks such as how to walk. In this article, we will tell you important tricks for those who prefer to lose weight by walking.

Weight loss by walking is one of the easiest and most practical methods after knowing some aspects. While walking, you should pay attention to your body movements and posture. You should walk in an upright position and not swing your arms back and forth more than necessary. It is also important that your step intervals are the same during stepping. Do not forget that in order for the walk to be beneficial, it must be done continuously and it is necessary to pay attention to the order while doing it.

A brisk walk for 15 minutes is enough to protect your health. However, if the subject is attenuation, these values ​​increase slightly. If the goal of adults between the ages of 20 and 40 is to lose weight, their walking time should be at least one hour. If you are above this age range and want to lose weight, this period should be half an hour for you.

The tempo of people who practice weight loss by walking is also extremely important. This tempo, which should always remain constant towards the beginning and the end, is necessary for the pulse to remain constant. In addition, if you feel fit in terms of strength, there is no harm in doing a light jog after walking.

How Many Calories Are Burned Walking?

How many calories you burn with walking can change with your brisk walking. Brisk walking makes it easier for you to lose weight by increasing fat burning in the body. The purpose of this walk consists of a certain combination of your heart rate and respiratory rate. In addition, although this walk does not cause age problems, it has the advantage of being a method that can be applied to everyone.

Although there is no clear answer to questions such as how many calories do I burn by walking, it may vary depending on the person and the pace of the walk. Walking for about an hour will allow you to burn at least 250 calories. This amount can go up to 500 calories depending on your weight and other similar factors. If you ask if these values ​​will change if I walk on any treadmill, you will receive no as an answer. Because three or more values ​​will remain almost the same.

Brisk walking is one of the best ways to increase your calorie burn. With this pace, you have the chance to double the amount of calories burned. These issues are among the reasons why regular and brisk walking exercise is among the most preferred methods. With these factors, you can easily catch the heart rate range, which is one of the most important points for fat burning, and you can easily lose the weight you want. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, doing these walks will greatly contribute to your health and physical fitness.

Who Shouldn’t Take a Walk?

You may be in a weight loss plan with walking, but if you have a serious chronic illness, this may prevent you from walking. In this case, you should definitely consult your doctor for how long or how many days you will continue your regular walks before you start walking. If you do not have a serious chronic illness that you think will cause a problem, you can walk with peace of mind.

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