Why Should We Do Cardio While Bodybuilding?

Many of us who are bodybuilders neglect cardio because it takes time and because it is tiring. This is probably because we focus on muscle gain, not fat burning. We’re so locked into building muscle that we don’t see cardio as a necessity.

But is cardio really unnecessary when trying to increase muscle mass?

This depends on personal differences and preferences. However, it would certainly not be correct to generalize cardio as “unnecessary”.

Cardio for Bodybuilders

If the goal is to be in shape, cardio is a must

Cardio is something you absolutely need to get fit. Because in order to burn fat, it is necessary to do the activity as well as to sit down the diet. Otherwise, the metabolism will constantly lead to less calorie intake for fat burning, which leads to hunger and inefficiency in the long run.

While maintaining fat burning, it is important to increase daily activity in order to have a balanced diet. So if you want to look good at the beach, you need to put cardio before or after your workouts.

If Muscle Gain is the Priority, Is Cardio Necessary?

Cardio is often blamed for inhibiting muscle gain. If we want to increase our muscle mass, we are told not to go into a ” catabolic ” phase by doing cardio. However, cardio does not have to bring a catabolic phase every time it is applied. On the contrary, extreme conditions are required for there to be a risk of muscle wasting or wasting from cardio.

Unless we eat very little protein and calories, stay hungry for a long time, and do cardio that gets the heart rate up, there is little chance of muscle loss or muscle breakdown.

Cardio should be your friend in both fat burning and muscle gain.

By doing cardio during your muscle gain period, you can eat more and maintain your fat ratio. Thus, your fat ratio will always be in healthy proportions and you do not have to waste time burning fat during muscle gain with very strict diets.

In addition, cardio contributes positively to the recovery process of the body after heavy exercise by providing blood flow. It has been proven in many scientific studies that it has an accelerating effect on repair and recovery.

Many people think that when they do cardio after muscle pain, they are pushed into a much worse phase and will be harder to repair. Research shows the opposite. Muscle soreness felt the day after a heavy workout was much less common in people who did cardio on top of the workout.

Finally, cardio exercises are also positively reflected in weight training by increasing fitness and range of motion. We also need a certain condition for weight training in the gym. Improved fitness and better pumping of our heart also results in better performance in weight training.

Cardio exercises often bring about increasing the range of motion. As an example, we can show that hip motion capacity increases with running and cycling exercises.

Therefore, we must state that cardio is at the right place for everyone who goes to the gym.

Cardio for Bodybuilders

If Cardio Is Taking Too Much Time, You Can Try Different Strategies

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, it is an activity that people who do cardio weight training postpone because it takes time.

If the goal is to lose weight directly, cardio is already part of the exercise.

If muscle mass is also a factor that one cares about, cardio is often neglected.

If you can’t add time-consuming cardio before or after workouts, we’ll change your perspective on cardio.

Cardio is not an activity that you can do by riding a treadmill in the gym or cycling outside. You can incorporate any activity you move into cardio. Therefore, it is in your hands to turn many of the activities you do during the day into cardio.

Researchers revealed that you can easily increase your cardiovascular activity with a non-exercise physical activity strategy. If you’re an individual who takes 10,000 steps a day, you’re already active enough. This shows that you do not need cardio because you are already at the level of activity that can be considered cardio during the day. Of course, some sacrifices will be required to get this amount of steps.

You can prefer walking instead of the conveniences brought by mechanization such as escalators and elevators. You can get off 2-3 stops before your house and walk. If you are not in a hurry, you can walk to close distances. With such activity-enhancing strategies, it is quite possible to make cardio a part of your life. There are many individuals who lose weight by applying these strategies.

Does Cardio Make You Hungry?

Generally, it is observed that people who do additional cardio work at the gym tend to eat more calories than they burn, especially after high-intensity cardio work! Therefore, while aiming to burn fat, there is a possibility that cardio will deviate us from our goal!

On the other hand, the concept of non-exercise physical activity, on the contrary, is observed to cause much less hunger than additional cardio work. For this reason, it may be a more accurate strategy to increase cardiovascular activity with a non-exercise physical activity strategy instead of cardio.

If you’re someone with a low appetite, cardio is likely to give you that. You may find it helpful to try this strategy.


Cardio is always advantageous for fat burning if we are not in extreme conditions. Heart health is always at a positive point for body health. The fact that it hinders muscle gain and makes repair difficult is nothing but an urban legend! So keep cycling!

In addition, people who do cardio often do not exceed their healthy fat percentage, so months of dieting is not necessary. Isn’t it amazing?

If cardio is in the background as a time-consuming activity and you tend to neglect it, it is possible to make cardio a part of your life by getting rid of some of the activities in daily life and increasing your non-exercise physical activity. In this way, the cardio you do will also make you much less hungry, because your body will already be used to this pace.

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